Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri Trek

Region:Shimoga, Karnataka
Duration:1 Day
Trek grade:Moderate
Maximum altitude:4,302 ft
Best Time for Treks:September to February

The well-known Kodachadri trek is situated in Shimoga. The hike is about 11 km long and is accompanied by the gushing of waterfalls. The landscapes of the area are breathtaking. The hike begins at Mookambika Wildlife Park. mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary and finishes at the summit and is an ideal option to finish your trek. If you’re lucky you will be able to view distant views of the Arabian Sea in the distance. The trails are surrounded by dense Shola forest that is typical of west ghats.

The hike takes you to the top of the mountain that is the Mookambika Temple. of Mookambika. The Kodachadri region is located in the gorgeous State of Karnataka, India.

As Kodachadri is located in the middle of Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary This is a fantastic option to spend a weekend away. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the area and take in the breathtaking beauty. The ideal time to hike in Kodachadri is between those months from September and February. The trail is approximately 15km long.

During September to January time, the weather will be cooler, with fewer clouds and more sunlight. It is easy to reach the destination by jeep. It is best to start the hike during these months. There’s a lot to see on this trek. If you’re in good shape, you should bring two liters of water per person.

Highlights of Kodachadri Trek

Mookambika temple

Within the beautiful as well as lush Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion is the most significant part of the trek. It is constructed of stone. The pillar measures approximately 40 feet tall, and many believe they used the pillar to kill an evil spirit. The pillar is made of Iron and has a long history that is one of the earliest monuments in the Hindu pantheon. It has not rust and is among the most well-known sights of every trip.The Temple is dedicated also to Adi Shankara, who climbed the top of Kodachadri and meditated at the summit of Kodachadri in the seventh AD.

Its Kodachadri Trek starts with a 3.5-mile trek up to Mookambika’s temple. Following the walk you’ll see a view of the holy Temple in Mookambika. The walk will take about three hours, and is one of the most sought-after treks in India.

Dense Shola forests of Western Ghats

The mountain tops that are pristine and thick forest in the Kodachadri Trek are a paradise for nature-lovers. The trek begins in Shivamogga and continues on to the top of Kodachadri and is encased with fog during the evenings. This trail is a great choice for those who is interested in exploring the gorgeous nature and lush forest. There’s a variety of wildlife that can be observed when you travel along the rough slopes of the mountain.

The hike is ideal for hikers with experience who do not fear high altitudes. You can relax and admire the spectacular views as you traverse the thick Shola forests. It is crucial to engage an experienced guide, and to carry the appropriate equipment to navigate the terrain. The difficult terrain becomes more difficult in the monsoon season. The initial day of trekking begins at the village of Nittur located in the Shimoga district. From there, you’ll traverse through the forest until you get to the summits of Kodachadri.

The hike begins in the small town located in Nittur within the Shimoga district. It then climbs to reach a height that is 4,614 feet. On the way, you’ll see a variety of grasslands and waterfalls. There’s even an ancient temple, Mookambika Temple, where you can relax in a refreshing pool. The thick Shola forest in the Western Ghats are a great setting for hiking to the top of Kodachadri.

Hidlumane Waterfall

One of the main routes for the Hidlumane Waterfall is the Kodachadri Hill. The hike takes you through thick forest along steep slopes, as well as across rivers and streams. One of the highlights of the hike is the spectacular sunrise which you can witness while ascending to the Kodachadri Hill. Although the hike isn’t technically difficult but the monsoon season could make it a bit risky.

The Kodachadri Trek is an easy-moderate trail that has seven waterfalls in one row. Hidlumane Falls are a special delight because it is made up of seven distinct waterfalls. It’s like a massage to keep your heart rate up after a hike across the hills. If you’re feeling tired from your hike or hike, stop at the Kodachadri temple to enjoy refreshments and fueling up.

First waterfall, which is most impressive one, and it has seven distinct cascades. The second waterfall is closer together and can be accessible by climbing the rock. The second falls are more difficult to access however the highest one is definitely worth the effort. The hike lasts 90 minutes which is ideal for trekkers with experience. The ideal timing to see the Kodachadri waterfalls would be during post monsoon period.

It is Hidlumane Waterfall is an array of six cascading waterfalls within the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The waterfall is accessible via taxi or bus from Mangalore airport. There are a variety of accommodation and hotels in the vicinity. If you’d like to travel a bit further, you can hire an automobile from Mangalore. The cost for the car rental is approximately Rs. 1,800 (one way).

Green Hills

Kodachadri Trek is well-known for its beautiful expanse of lush green hills. The hills are covered with lush greenery that extends across the entire area that the eye can see. The hills are situated at 5 735 feet above sea level, grasslands and the Shola forest opening up are a must-see when you trek to Kodachadri. The various shades of green differ from the Parakeet green to Pine green and Emerald green. To add to the greenery the spectacle and drama of a mix of mist and cloud is an exciting experience.

Kodachadri Peak Trek Detailed Trail Information

If you’re looking to take in the stunning beauty in Kodachadri Peak in Karnataka, you can trek through Nittur towards Kodachadris peak. The beginning of the trail follows the Hidlumane Waterfalls, seven gushing waterfalls that are guaranteed to be awestruck. The cool water of the falls can be refreshing after a long and tiring day. One of the first stops is the magnificent Kodachadri temple constructed out of stones. At night, it’s completely covered in fog.

The hike will lead you past the sunrise point before heading up to the summit. The final point of this trek is the Kodachadri peak that is a tiny temple-like structure dedicated to 8th century philosopher and theologian Adi Sankaracharya. It’s worth the trek not just because of the incredible view however also because of the stunning sunset which will be visible from the peak.

The trek takes you through the stunning hills of Kodachadri the highest mountain within the Western Ghats. The trek will last about five hours and you will cover approximately five kilometers. The trek begins at Nittur in the city of Nittur, which is one of the most well-known temple towns. There are buses available to Kollur and the other cities in the vicinity. You will then have walk for about 2 kilometers further to reach Kodachadri Sunset Point. Kodachadri Sunset Point, which takes around 40 minutes.

The final destination of this trek is Kodachadri Peak. The top of Kodachadri includes the remains of the philosophical and theologian Adi Sankaracharya. From here, you’ll be able to enjoy panoramic view from the Arabian Sea and the spectacular sunset. If you’d prefer to stay your night on the summit there’s a campsite at the base camp . There is also hot water is readily available.

It is believed that the Kodachadri Peak trek begins in Nittur. The highest mountain in the southern part of Karnataka state, and it is also a well-known tourist destination. The trail winds over tropical rain forest as well as grasslands. While hiking you will also be able to go to the historic Mookambika Temple. The hike is an amazing combination of adventure and beauty. Once you’ve crossed Kodachadri Peak, you’ll reach the base camp.

The hike that runs from Nittur towards Kodachadril Peak begins by crossing the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. The trail is 15 km long and accessible through a Jeep. The first part of the hike is marked by an aqueduct and trails which follows the mountain. It is possible to reach the the summit following a hike through the dense forests. The rest of the way is via a road.

It is said that the Kodachadri Peak is just two kilometers from Nittur The Jeep will wait until you’re done with your trek. From there, you’ll be able to use an Jeep to the summit on the hill. After your hike is completed, you can hike up to Sunset Point. Sunset Point. There are two additional ways to get from the valley which you can take for your hike.

After you’ve completed your hike, you are able to take after that a Jeep to the top of the mountain. The Jeep will pick you up near Kollur’s Information Bureau in Kollur. Then, from there you could continue your trek following the same route to Nittur. It is also possible to take an SUV from the hotel. When you get to the top, you will be able to take in the stunning views from the summit.

The most effective method of getting to the top is by taking a train from Nagodi. The three bus routes that are linked to each the other via a mud road. The first one leads towards Kodachadri starting from Nittur. The second way leads to the top of Kodachadri. The hike takes about 5.5 hours. You’ll need to walk for about two hours before reaching the summit.

While trekking it is essential to be prepared for weather conditions. Take medications along with first aid kits in case of emergencies. The best time to go hiking up to Kodachadri Peak is in the winter, or just after the monsoon. The mountain is covered by thick Shola forests. The fauna and flora in the region are varied. It is also possible to visit an ancient temple named Sarvajna Peetha.

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