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    Booking Related

    Today, Adventure sports have become everyone’s favourite, especially trekking in the mountains has become a trend; everyone wants to come to the mountains. Defiantly, each year, the volume of adventurer enthusiasts is increasing, and so is the number of companies and operators, which has also led to online fraud and cheating, especially the cases that are increasing with freshers and beginners. Therefore, the following points should be considered before booking your trek.

    • First, check if the company has an active website and social media 
    • Check on Google reviews of the company 
    • Check whether the company is certified or registered with the state tourism board 
    • Check if the company has any National / international affiliations from IMF, ATOAI, ATTA, MOT, etc.
    • Check if the company has active GST and an online payment mode. 

    It is very simple, and there are easy steps to book your Trek with Trekup India; follow the simple instructions below.



    • First, visit the Trekup India website https://www.trekupindia.com/upcoming-treks
    • Select the trek you want to book 
    • Click on the tab “View dates & Book.”
    • Select your preferred date. 
    • You will be redirected to a new tab: https://booking.trekupindia.com/login
    • Here, you need to create your account. 
    • Once you log in, you will be provided a booking dashboard. 
    • Enter the number of participants and proceed ahead. 
    • Enter details of participants and proceed ahead. 
    • Pay booking amount  
    • Receive confirmation on your registered email ID and WhatsApp.

    Yes, we hold your slots without payment; however, you can confirm your seats. Failing the timeline results in automatically releasing your slots and being assigned to another trekker on the waiting list.

    Yes, you can add your friend after booking; however, confirmation will be subject to slot availability.  

    Once you have booked your trek with us, we have the following procedure: - 

    • Receive a booking confirmation email and WhatsApp
    • Receive call confirmation from our Trek Coordinator 
    • A WhatsApp Group of all trekkers will be created 
    • All the important and necessary information will float in a group: 
    1. Things to pack and carry for your trek
    2. How to book your offload bags and Trek rental gears
    3. Travel Plan and Logistics
    4. Trek Sketch Itinerary 
    5. About Accommodation
    6. About Transportation 
    7. About Meals 
    8. Drinking water resources 
    9. Important information about: -
    10. Identity Proof
    11. Disclaimers 
    12. Save the Trail 
    13. Information on Health card and Medical 
    14. Extra Luggage 
    15. Weather reports and update 
    16. About Electricity, Network, and ATM
    17. Adventure Insurance  
    18. Emergency contact number 
    19. What to Do on Trek
    20. What Not to Do on Trek
    21. Important Video Link to understand your trek and preparation  
    • The group will be open to chat; hence, all queries and questions will be answered.
    • The Google Meet link will be shared for a combined conference call before the trek  
    • One day prior, the final trekkers list will be shared along with transport details.
    1. First, visit our website https://www.trekupindia.com/
    2. Right at the top header section, click over My Account.
    3. Redirected to login page https://booking.trekupindia.com/login
    4. Login with the same Username and password you created while booking the trek.
    5. You will be redirected to your dashboard. 
    6. Click on the Renting Gear tab section, select the item, and click over Rent Now
    7.  Choose the trek for which you want to Rent the gears 
    8. Enter the Trek date. Enter the size and number of items to be rented 
    9. Click over the calculate the payment and make the final payment to get the thing done. 
    10. Immediately after payment, you will get confirmation mail. Also, you can find your details in the dashboard at any time.


    1. First, visit our website https://www.trekupindia.com/
    2. Right at the top header section, click over My Account.
    3. Redirected to login page https://booking.trekupindia.com/login
    4. Login with the same Username and password you created while booking the trek.
    5. You will be redirected to your dashboard 
    6. Click on the offload tab section  
    7. Choose the trek for which you want to offload 
    8. Enter the Trek date. Enter the number of bags for offload 
    9. Click over the calculate the payment and make the final payment to get the thing done. 
    10. Immediately after payment, you will get confirmation mail. Also, you can find your details in the dashboard at any time.

    Trek Cancellation

    Trekup India comes up with one of the simplest and easiest cancellation policies. There is high excitement or, can say, the next level of joy in planning your trip outdoors; when it gets cancelled, there is always a pain with hope to make oneself understand. We will plan next time for more cancellation terms you can visit our cancellation page


    A Trek Voucher is normally issued when you cancel your trek, and as per the cancellation policy, the balance amount is refunded to you in the form of a Trek Voucher with a Validity of 12 months from the date of issue. The Trek voucher can be used to book any treks operated by Trekup India. At Trekup India, you can also gift your Trek voucher to any of your dear ones. To get more information about the same or to enquire how you can redeem it, you can write an email to nanda@trekupindia.com

    Trek Amities

    Trekup India provides healthy and nutritious meals during the trek, we provide the following meals: - 

    Morning Tea



    Even Tea & Snacks



    Sweet Dish








    We provide only Indian vegetarian food, the meal is going to contain Indian bread, vegetables, lentils, and Rice along with a delicious dessert. Vegetables, Lentils, snacks, and sweet dishes are non-repeated during the entire trek. The trek menu is prepared After doing our research on the nutritional requirements for the trekkers, we also consider meals as per the altitude and weather of the particular region.  

    All trekking equipment of Trekup India is customized and self-branded, all equipment is made using high-standard fabric and materials, and all equipment is tasted at high high-altitude by our mountain experts and is suitable for use at an altitude of 6000 meters and can sustain up to -10-15 degree of temperature. 

    During the trek, we provide dry toilets; a hole is dug in the ground, and mud is provided at the side. After one has done their business, they have to use dry toilet paper and cover the remains with mud; we don’t advise anyone to use wet wipes or water here.

    Safety On Trek

    Trekup India is one of the oldest and safest trekking organizations; we ensure that all safety protocols are followed during our treks, and for the same, we have the following procedure: -

    1. Trekup India has trained Trek Leaders with basic first-aid knowledge. 
    2. Medical checkup of each trekker is done daily. 
    3. Blood Pressure is measured daily. 
    4. Oxygen level is measured daily. 
    5. BMI of a trekkers is recorded 
    6. A Health Card is provided to each trekker in which your daily measurement is noted. 
    7. Our Camps are equipped with Oxygen Cylinders. 
    8. Our Trek Leaders are equipped with a Basic First Aid box. 
    9. For higher passes treks above 13000 Ft., we make it mandatory for all trekkers to submit their medical certificate examined by an MBBS Doctor.
    10. On Higher passes, all technical equipment, such as ice Axes, Ropes, Harnesses, Carabineers, ice pitons, helmets, etc.   
    11. Visit the page for more details: https://www.trekupindia.com/safety-during-a-trek

    Trek Relaged Q

    1. This is one of the most popular/common questions we hear from each trekker, and it is difficult for us to explain in detail to each individual; therefore, Trekup India has carefully written a complete article on “Things to Carry” for comprehensive guidance on things to carry visit the page https://www.trekupindia.com/things-to-carry-for-the-trekwe are hopeful that after thoroughly going through the article you will be able to completely understand what to pack and how to pack for the trek. 

    Many solo trekkers book with us; you don’t have to worry when you book with us, as we merge you with other solo trekkers, and ultimately, you trek in a group. We assure you that once you return, you will not remain solo anymore, as during your trek, you make some good friends, and our team does not let you feel solo anytime with us. Don’t hesitate to book solo.

    Trekking is a passion, and keeping in mind this passion, we would not like to keep any age restriction; however, it is the mountains demand that generally 8-55 Years old are good trekking only if your fitness level is high and you do not have any physical or mental challenge, as at the same time mountains can be too challenging, however, if you are 55 years above than will consider your fitness and health condition and of course prior trekking experience in the Himalayas.

    There are some treks in which Adventure Insurances is mandatory, like Kashmir Great Lakes, Everest Base Camp, or on expeditions, and most low altitude treks do not require the same, like in Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, Har Ki Dun, Dayara Bugyal, etc. We at Trekup India recommend each one of our trekkers carry their adventure insurance; whether it is lower altitude or higher altitude, one must keep adventure insurance. They do not cost much, the cost ranges between Rs. 350-1000 only, and precautions are better than care.

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    Today, Trekup India is one of the leading trekking organisations in India, having its ground operations. As you always strive for quality services, safety, and standards, we have an experienced team to make your trek memorable and meaningful.   

    Trekup India has some set terms and conditions; below are some: -

    • If there is a significant increase in the price of transportation, Local Union, Government (including fuel surcharges), or accommodations provided by other parties than Trekup India. This will influence the cost. The additional cost of the unprecedented is at the expense of the customer.
    • Trekup India does not take responsibility for any alteration to the itinerary as scheduled due to any natural calamity, landslides, flight trains, bus cancellations, or weather conditions. Any extra cost is the responsibility of the customers.
    • Note that the cost for these programs was determined and quoted based on the current tax structure; any modifications and increases in tax structure enforced by the government officials will affect the cost and result in additional costs to be borne by the client.
    • Any assistance that may require assistance due to natural calamities or emergencies will be handled through Trekup India or our operational partner on the ground to meet safety or other needs without prior consultation with customers because of the nature of the situation. The cost of these emergency actions is solely the obligation of the customer.
    • Please note that the trekking and driving times in the schedule are estimates and may differ due to breaks for food and photos, bad weather, or road conditions.
    • Smoking or drinking alcohol during the excursion is strictly forbidden. If you are found to violate these rules, you will be banned from participating in the trip, and it will be cancelled immediately without prior notification or any refund.
    • Risk and Liability: Trekup India shall not be held accountable for any consequences resulting from natural disasters, weather conditions, or failure of scheduled airline delay, detention, or delays because of quarantine, strike or theft, any other force majeure, civil disorder, or government regulation. Also, the company will not be held responsible in case of an accident, vehicle, bus, or any other mode of transport that falls within the program schedule. The passengers know that such circumstances could occur, and we will notify you of any situation when we come to information. The right to modify or cancel any trip as the conditions demand and any additional costs that arise in this case will be the responsibility of the guests. Also, the company will not be held accountable for any damage or loss to your possessions.
    • Booking with Trekup India states that you read and understand all points mentioned in the note section of this trip.

    Trek Logistics

    Normally, all the base camps are at a distance; therefore, all pickups are in the early morning between 0500-0630 Hrs. Also, the drop time to the location is always in the evening hours between 1800-1900 Hrs. We recommend that all trekkers make their onward plans late at night or the next day.

    It depends on which trek you have booked; if the trek has the same start and end base camp, for example, Kedarkantha and Har Ki Dun have the same start and end base, i.e. Sankari; in this case, we accept keeping your extra luggage at our store on following terms: -

    1. We will accept to keep only one piece of luggage weighing at most 15 Kgs.
    2. If the bag weights more than 15Kgs, then we charge Rs. 500/- per bag 
    3. Left baggage will only be accepted if it has a proper lock system.
    4. The bag should not contain any electronic or valuable items, as we do not take any such responsibilities in case of misplacement.
    5. You Leave the bag with us at your own risk and responsibility, and we have only a common store room to store them but not the proper locker room. 
    • When on adventure, Trekup India does not suggest or recommend anyone to carry their Laptop for the following reasons: -
    • No Proper storage or locker rooms are available to store the same, and no one takes any such responsibility for electronic gadgets.
    • Most of the base camp does not have power backup or facilities, so you cannot use it on your trek.
    • Most of the base camps do not have internet, so you want to be able to use it.
    • You will not get time to work on your Laptop when on an adventure.