Trek Terms and Conditions at Trekup India

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These are general terms and conditions of Trekup India. Which may be changed and amended from time to time and apply to all our services. 


By accessing / browsing using and completing your reservation through mobile/website, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood all the trek terms and conditions set by Trekup India as below. A bond or contract between customers and Trekup India shall come into existence once Trekup India receives full payment and issues your Confirmation Invoice. The customer making the reservation or booking the trek on behalf of other trek members accepts all terms on their behalf and shall be fully responsible for making the entire payment. 

Travel Itinerary

The travel itinerary is carefully created and designed at Trekup India. by our mountain experts & professionals. We will attempt to adhere to the same. Still, it may be mandatory to alter the same at short notice, keeping in mind the current situation and circumstance or any event beyond our control such as adverse weather, any natural calamity, landslides, vehicle breakdown, Local curfew, strike, or any other unforeseen circumstance. All amendments/changes resulting in additional costs to be borne by the customers.

The driving distance and time mentioned in the itineraries are approx. And may vary due to breaks taken en route.

One should always keep a buffer day before your departure as on adventures in the mountains, there are multiple challenges ranging from Vehicle breakdowns, landslips, local curfew, strikes, etc. Hence, buffer days always help to avoid last-minute panic and hassle; also, if everything goes well without any challenges, this day can be utilized for local sightseeing or exploring some other attractions of the region.  

Price & Costing

All costs/prices mentioned on our website of respective products are based on current prices, and as per the current Indian government tax structure, Trekup Reserves all rights to alter or change already published prices on the website or any of our documents without any prior notice or information.  


Note that the cost for these programs was determined and quoted based on the current tax structure; any modifications and increases in tax structure enforced by the government officials, local administration, or local associations will affect the cost and will result in additional costs to be borne by the client.


The cost of any travel product can change anytime unless you have secured your slots or price by paying advance payment; kindly note even the quoted price given at the time of inquiry can be changed unless booked within the allotted time frame. 


If there is a significant increase in the price of transportation, Local Union, Government (including fuel surcharges), or accommodations provided by other parties than Trekup India. This will influence the cost. The additional cost of the unprecedented is at the expense of the customer.


Imp. Note: All prices quoted for respective itineraries are calculated keeping in mind a minimum of 6 people in a group; in case we do not meet the minimum number for a particular trek, Trekup India reserves all rights to merge the trekkers either to another trek or cancel the trek after discussion with the trekkers. 

Offers and Discount Coupons

Please be informed that from time to time company does announce special discount offers on certain treks and dates; however, once you have purchased any travel product, no rates or quotes will be amended. 


Please note that special offers, such as promotional codes, cannot be applied to a reservation after a purchase has been made, such as in the form of a refund. When offered, promotional codes and/or other special offers must be entered into the relevant field located on the payment page. 


Please note all special offers, such as promotional codes and/or early bird discounts, only apply to the price of the trek. Extras rental gears and offloading are not subject to discount. 


Payment Terms

We at Trekup India have come up with the most feasible payment policy to make it most convenient for all our customers, which is as under: –

– Pay 30% Advance of the Invoice amount at the time of booking to secure your seats

– Pay 70 % Remaining amount of the Invoice 7 days before the trek date 

-Any customer failing to pay their Advance or Remaining balance payment, the booking will be subject to final confirmation or seat availability. 

– Failing to complete your payment within the given time frame, the company reserves all right to cancel your booking or allot your booking to another customer without any prior notice and information, and also, the company shall not be liable for any refund.  

Our payment Gateway is 100% secure and Trusted by Razorpay Gateway; also, you can choose the following payment method: –

– Google pay 

– Phone pay 

– UPI 

– Paytm 

– Pay Pal 

– Credit Card 

– Debit Card 

– We do offer EMI options as well

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy 

We bring you the most fair, feasible, and convenient cancellation policy; you may visit the link for more details: https://www.trekupindia.com/cancellation-policy

Canceling prior 21 days from trek start date – 10% deduction of the invoice amount towards GST & transaction charges, 90% is refunded as trek voucher with 1-year validity. 

Cancelling prior 15-20 days from the trek start date – 30% deduction of the invoice amount towards GST, Transaction, accommodation at Base, ration, etc. 70% is refunded as a trek voucher with 1 year validity.

Cancelling prior 7-14 days from trek dates – 50% deduction of the invoice amount towards GST, Transaction, accommodation at Base, ration, Trek leaders, permits, equipment, etc. 50% is refunded as a trek voucher with 1 year validity.

Canceling prior 1-6 days from trek dates – 100% deduction of the invoice amount as Trekup India makes all arrangements, and we are set to take you on a trek.

Note: All cancellations must be received by Trekup India in writing; cancellation will be effective when the office in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, receives the written notice. NO REFUND whatsoever will be made for cancellation received within the last 1-6 days of the trek date, and no cancellation shall be considered unless received in confirmation. 

Trek Voucher / Refund 

We at Trekup India do not want any of our trekkers to suffer and get penalized with cancellation charges; therefore, Trekup India  has introduced the Trek Voucher with the following terms: –

Cancelling your trek within the set cancellation time bound, get a full refund as per terms in the form of a Trek Voucher.

The Trek Voucher will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue  

The Trek Voucher can be used in any Trek all over India being Operated by Trekup India 

The Trek Voucher can also be used for Char Dham Yatra or any other tour packages

The Trek Voucher can be gifted to other family members or friends

To use the Trek Voucher, one needs to inform at least 15-20 days before the trek date; the last-minute request will be subject to seat availability on a particular date.

The cash refund is applicable only if Trekup India cancels the Treks without any specific reason or just if the group is not formed.

The Cash refund will not be applicable if Trekup India cancels the Treks because of any other reason beyond the control of Trekup India.


To get more information about the same or to enquire how you can redeem it, you can write an email to nanda@trekupindia.com

Unused Services & Items on your Adventures

No trekkers can claim, and No refund will be made for any unused services, such as unused accommodation, missed meals, transport services, sightseeing, or any other services. Such unused services are neither refundable nor exchangeable (no exceptions).


On our treks, accommodation is normally provided on multi-sharing at the hotels/guest houses and on double-sharing in tents. Single and Double occupancy at the Guest Houses / Hotel may attract a supplement cost. All accommodations used during the trek are basic categories; however, neat, clean, and hygienic (Except in Sankari, which is a deluxe property owned by Trekup India). The trekkers need to carry their toiletries.  


When on a Trek, we use our customized Trekking equipment like dining, Kitchen, Toilet and sleeping tents, Sleeping mattresses, and Sleeping bags; all our equipment is checked before sending them on any of the slopes or treks. However, during your stay, if you find any default in them, they can be quickly repaired by the team on site; however, you will have to inform the Trek Leader, so that the issues are immediately resolved on the spot.

Toilets on Trek

During the trek, we provide dry toilets, the hole is dug on the ground, and mud is provided at the side; after one has done his / her business, one has to use dry toilet paper to maintain hygiene, and after that, cover the remains with mud, we don’t advise anyone to use wet wipes or use water.


The company reserves the right to employ the services of sub-contractors (especially when company-owned transport is engaged). However, all drivers are qualified, trained, and experienced in the plains and mountains. A client will drive no vehicles at any time.  


The vehicles are assigned as per the group size; normally, we use Bolero, Tempo Travelers & buses depending on group sizes. 


All travelers are requested to handle their luggage / personal belongings carefully, and you shall be responsible for your luggage; when boarding and deboarding the vehicles, make sure you have checked and ensured that your luggage is safe and not left in the vehicle itself.  

Pickup and drop-off locations

Normally, all the base camps are at a distance from the main city centers; therefore, all pickups are in the early morning, and general pickup timings are between 0500-0630 Hrs.


The Pickup locations are selected keeping in mind one particular centralized point, which is convenient for all trekkers coming from the Airport, Railway station, or Bus station; in general, the location is close to the Railway or bus station.


In very special cases, 30 30-minute buffer time is given to trekkers in case they are delayed due to any reason. One failing to reach the destination on specified times will be responsible for reaching the base camp on their own and at his own cost. The company will not be responsible for bearing/refunding any cost. 


The drop location is always the same as the pickup point, and we normally drop all our trekkers to a designated location in the evening hours between 1800-1900 Hrs. We suggest and recommend all trekkers to always make their onward plans late at night or the next day. 

Trek Leaders and Guides

All our Trek leaders and guides are qualified, highly experienced, and professional; they are well-trained by Trekup India to take you on an adventure.

All our Trek Leaders are certified by National institutions in Basic Mountaineering Courses and advanced mountaineering courses. They are also well-trained in basic first aid and have been trained in search and rescue. 


Trekup India does not provide any Travel, Adventure, or medical insurance, nor do we charge the same from our customers. We strongly recommend each trekker mandatorily get insurance, and our team will be happy to assist you in getting your insurance done from the third-party insurance company. 


Our Team will only be assisting you to get in touch with the firm for your insurance coverage; however, you will be solely responsible for making your payment and getting insurance done, and all terms and conditions will be applicable as per the insurance issuance company, even the at the time of claiming Trekup India team does not involve in the same, as you will be in direct communication with the insurance issuance company, remember we are just assisting you and redirecting you to the insurance helping in build communication and nothing beyond.  

Health and medical condition

The company must be notified in writing at the time of booking of any medical condition, physical challenge, or any other mental challenge that may affect the fitness to travel. Failure to notify the company may result in trekkers being refused to travel or take on an Adventure, and failure to notify the company may result in 100 % cancellation charges. 


 Smoking or drinking alcohol during the excursion is strictly forbidden. If you are found to violate these rules, you will be banned from participating in the trip, and it will be canceled immediately without prior notification or any refund.

Force Majeure

Trekup India shall not be held accountable for any consequences resulting from natural disasters, weather conditions, or failure of scheduled airline delay, detention, or delays because of quarantine, strike or theft, any other force majeure, civil disorder, or government regulation. Also, the company will not be held responsible in case of an accident, vehicle, bus, or any other mode of transport that falls within the program schedule. The passengers are aware that such circumstances could occur, and we will notify you of any situation when we come to information. The right to modify or cancel any trip as the conditions demand and any additional costs that arise in this case will be the responsibility of the guests. Also, the company will not be held accountable for any damage or loss to your possessions.


Any assistance that may require assistance due to natural calamities or emergencies will be handled through Trekup India or our operational partner on the ground to meet safety or other needs without prior consultation with customers because of the nature of the situation. The cost of these emergency actions is solely the obligation of the customer.

Waiver & Disclaimer

Trekup India will undertake to ensure the safety of the trekkers throughout the Trek; however, aspects of each particular tour may not be without an element of danger, so customers should be prepared to sign the ‘Waiver Of Responsibility Disclaimer Form’ before commencing on a trek. This form is an understanding that all customer needs to exercise judgment and care at all time to ensure their safety and that of their fellow trek mates.

The Company has all reasonable efforts to check the accuracy of the information contained on our website. The Company cannot, however, accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear. 

Complaints and Dispute

If you have any issues or challenges during your adventure with us, please inform the relevant concerned person immediately when on Trek, inform your Trek Leaders about the same, or directly reach out to Operation Manager Mr. Nanda Rawat at nanda@trekupindia.com so that we can endeavor to put the things right and resolve your issues at earliest possible. The company will not hold itself responsible for the non-performance of an itinerary due to causes beyond its control or when they are not notified of a problem or challenges at the point where remedial action can be taken. In the unlikely event that a complaint cannot be resolved at the time, you should write to the company within seven days of returning home.

Indian Law will govern any dispute that may arise, and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of Uttarakhand court in Dehradun. 

All information given by the company, whether in writing or orally, is to the best of the company’s knowledge and believed correct at the time given and is given in good faith. The booking condition shall take precedence over any other warranty or condition that may have been given. 

Data Protection Act

It may be necessary for the company to ask you for certain personal information. Examples of this would be dietary requirements, disability / medical information, etc. This information will be kept confidential by the company and is available to you to inspect during the company’s normal working hours. It will be passed to any authorities as and when required to fulfill the company contact to you. 


Booking with Trekup India states that you read and understand all points mentioned in the note section of this trip.