Ettina Bhuja Trek

Ettina Bhuja Trek
Region:Byrapura, Chikmagalur district
Duration:1 Day
Trek grade:Easy To Moderate
Maximum altitude:4,265 ft
Best Time for Treks:September – February

If you’ve never tried this trek before, don’t fret. It’s not that difficult and is an excellent option to glimpse the stunning Mount Ettina. This is a perfect opportunity to begin an unforgettable adventure. You’ll have to get up early in the day because the hike to the summit can reach 1300m (4,265 inches). The Ettina Bhuja trek takes around 1 1/2 hours and involves climbing 70 degrees of slope. It is also necessary to be kneeling and on your hands during a climb section. You’ll be able to see stunning views on the route.

After a few hours of trekking, you’ll get a fantastic picture from Ettina Bhuja. It is essential to have lots of stamina and the capacity to endure the climb’s altitude. This is among the most well-known across the entire state of Karnataka, and you should be prepared to spend a whole day walking.

If you’re looking for a strenuous hike, you should consider the Ettina Bhuja a good option. It’s a unique and challenging trek through the Western Ghats. The scenery is breathtaking, and you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding region. You’ll be treated to panoramic views of the region and an unforgettable experience. It’s a great vacation for families.

The Ettina Bhuja region is inside the Dakshina Kannada district. It is a fantastic opportunity to experience this region’s natural splendor. The journey from Kukkada up to Shishila is around 10 km. The summit is accessible all year round. It’s a great place to eat and cozy in the lodges you stay in along the journey. This trip is an excellent choice for families with children since it’s picturesque and demanding.

It is believed that the Ettina Bhuja mountain is among the most breathtaking locations located in South India. It is approximately 1300m high and is surrounded by lush grass and rare flowers. It is possible to reach Ettina Bhuta by a short trek.

The Ettina Bhuja trek is approximately five kilometers long, and you can complete the entire walk in one day. It should take around two hours and is suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. The trek is challenging and can make you sweat and stamina, so make sure you be in good physical condition. The stunning grasslands and flowers of the region make an excellent addition to this trail. It’s worth every minute spent. The trail is easily accessible and is filled with beautiful flora and fauna.

In the beautiful Charmadi range located in the charming Charmadi range, the Ettina Bhuja trekking route is among the most picturesque and yet unexplored treks within the State of Karnataka. Its Ettina Peak, the highest point located in this region, is accessible in just five minutes of walking from the temple in Shishila. The hike also takes you through the forest, making the trek extremely slippery and slippery and muddy.

It is Ettina Peak, 1300m (4,265 feet). It is considered to be the most awe-inspiring peak in the Charmadi Ghats. The rocky peak is devoid of trees for shade, which makes climbing it more difficult. The Ettina peak is higher early in the day than other peaks in the region. Therefore, it is vital to take adequate rest since the terrain is highly slippery during the rain. It’s an excellent way to take in the stunning landscape. The meals and accommodations are included, and a guide is highly recommended.

Trek Guide For Ettina Bhuja Trek

The way to Ettina Bhuja begins at Byrapura village, a charming mountain located in the Mudigere district. On the way, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking panorama that is part of the Charmadi range and observe the Temple from the top of Ombattu Gudda. The trek is simple and will take about 5 days from where the Temple is up to the top of Ettina.

It is possible to hike up the hillside until you reach the top of Ettina Bhuja by following the trails that start close to Shishila village. An old tree identifies the first junction that you’ll cross. When you’ve reached the landmark, the path leads up to the mountain. The remainder of the hike is straightforward, but the last portion is slippery and steep.

The most awe-inspiring point in the region the area is Ettina Bhuja. It’s 1.5km away from Mudigere town, approximately five hours away from Bangalore. It’s situated near Byrapura, a village. Byrapura. The hike begins at the Temple and ends at the top. It’s well worth it since you’ll have a spectacular panoramic view of the entire area, surrounded by dense forest and covered with elephant grass.

In the direction of the Temple, one can observe the peaks at the top of Ettina Bhuja. Also, you’ll see an outcrop of rock and patches of forest. There are sambar deer and moose along the route. After you’ve completed your hike, you’ll be rewarded with an expansive view across the Himalayan range and The Shishila valley.

The journey between the Temple and the Ettina Bhuja summit takes around 30 minutes and includes many crossing streams. It’s a challenging and stunning climb and is recommended for experienced trekkers. After about 30 minutes, you’ll arrive at the summit bordered by Ombattu Gudda. It’s well worth the effort and for the breathtaking panorama.

The Temple is accessible from the small hills that surround it. The trail to Ettina Bhuja begins from Shishila village. The trek to the top takes around five minutes. However, be aware of the possibility of landslides. The path is narrow and hazardous, so it’s recommended to engage a guide to ensure you don’t face any issues. It’s necessary to carry your backpack up to the shrine, though it is well worth it.

The path leads to Ettina Bhuja is just over 1300m high located in the southern part of Karnataka. The name translates to “ox’s shoulder,” and the mountain is shaped like an animal’s head. The Temple is approximately 8 km from Holegundi and 25km away from Mudigere town.

The trek starts in Byrapura and then continues to the summit at Ettina Bhua. The trail follows through forests and is 1.5 kilometers long. It’s a strenuous climb; however, the views are spectacular. It’s a great spot to have an afternoon picnic or watch the sunset or sunrise across the mountain. Be prepared for challenging conditions, mainly if you’re not used to hiking.

There are a variety of perspectives throughout the route. From the initial viewpoint, you’ll be able to observe the Ettina Bhuja peak. Ettina Bhuja peak as well as the other summits. The view of the Mount is most sought-after by pilgrims within the region is spectacular. Apart from being a shrine path is a stunning hike. It is possible to walk up the mountain and take in the views over the city at the top.

The trek is a sought-after excursion in the region. Suppose you’ve never climbed an alpine peak before. It’s possible to experience the scenery by conducting a Google search. If you’re beginning, you can start your trek up the mountain around 6 am and complete the hike before 3 at night. Although the walk is designed for climbers with experience, it’s also accessible to most people.