Brahmagiri Trek

Brahmagiri Trek
Region: Karnataka
Duration: 2 Day
Trek grade: Moderate
Maximum altitude: 5,275 ft
Best Time to Visit: November to February

With the change of season, it alters the nature and mood of Nature. It’s always enjoyable to experience the natural world through all forms, and we try to go on at least one hike throughout the year regardless of sunny, rain or cold zones. In the midst of monsoons sweeping the west coast of India and Karnataka we were set for the monsoon trek of 2011 in which Brahmagiri (1608 at a height of 1608m) was our first choice. The reason is that this trek is fairly easy in a normal sense(read monsoon post, winter etc.) and also has a forest guesthouse en route and a permanent shelter, so that we don’t need to trek for long periods of time getting wet in the night. Because we had 12 of us we decided to rent the mini bus.

  • One of the most popular treks in Karnataka and one of the few which strikes a balance between awesome views and being first-time-trekker-friendly. This trek is located inside Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, which shares a border with Kerala and is home to huge herds of elephants.
  • Every now and again are not uncommon. Since the trail winds through thick forest as well as endless grasslands, rivers streams, and water falls (Iruppu Falls) the interest of a hiker never stops. Another thing that is unique about this trail is its permanent refuge (Narimale Guest House) that makes it a suitable trek during monsoons, even when it’s raining dogs and cats.

Brahmagiri Trek Itinary

  • Day 1 : (Irupu Temple- Irupu Falls – Narimale Guest house –> 5 kms)
  • Day 2 : (Narimale Guest House – Getting Lost(2kms detour) – Brahmagiri Peak – Narimale Guest House – Irupu Falls – Irupu Temple —> 19 kms )