Balekallu And Kodekallu Trek

Balekallu And Kodekallu Trek
Region: Karnataka
Duration: 1 Day
Trek grade: Easy
Maximum altitude: 4101 ft
Best Time to Visit: November to February

Balekallu Peak is among the most awe-inspiring Balekallu Peak is one of the highest peaks within Charmadi and is located about 15km from Charmadi. Kodekallu is located close to Balekallu. “Kode” means umbrella in Kannada and the hill earned its name due to an umbrella-shaped rock at its top. Over 30 people are able to get shelter beneath this rock.

A short and sweet hike in the Charmadi Ghats

  • Kodekallu along with Balekallu hills are among the numerous peaks that trekkers can climb in Charmadi Ghat.
  • A walk that is a long and arduous trek through forests and grasslands. It is quick and easy.
  • A lush greenery surrounds you every step you take. Stunning views pop up in every bend.

There are numerous trails through these hills. The two most popular ones are those from the Charmadi bus stop, and also starting from Bidruthala village.

How do I reach Charmadi

Charmadi is located about 350 kilometers away from Bangalore. To get to Charmadi you need to take the bus to Dharmasthala. From there, catch the local bus to Charmadi. It is also possible to catch an express shuttle bus from Ujire and then take a bus to Charmadi. You will arrive at the Charmadi Hotel bus stop. From there, you can take an express bus to the summit that is about 20km away. At the top is an ancient temple. In front of the temple is an Jeep track. It is the beginning point of the hike.

How do I get to Bidruthala:

Get on a bus heading towards Dharmasthala. From there, you can catch an express coach that will take you to Kottigehara village. After that, take an auto/Jeep and go up to Bidruthala village. There are buses that are local as well however they are not frequent.

The trek up to Balekallu as well as Kodekallu Peak via Jeep track:

  • Begin walking along your Jeep track. In about 30 minutes, you’ll come to a house. Take a right towards Balekallu peak. Be aware of elephants and bisons that frequently follow this route.
  • There are grasslands to be found quite early on in this walk. These grasslands are slippery and are brimming with leaches in the monsoon. Be sure to take appropriate precautions. Within a couple of hours, you’ll be at the top. You can view peaks like Jenukallu, Kodekallu, Minchukallu, etc. from here.
  • The Kodekallu summit is just 30 minutes away from here. The hike is simple as there aren’t any difficult ascends or descends. But it isn’t easy if it’s extremely sunny because there’s very little shade in the grasslands.
  • From the Kodekallu summit, you can enjoy stunning views of the Kudremukh forest as well as the surrounding Durgadabetta mountains, and the Banjarumale hills.


A further 30 minutes later, you’ll see another 30 minutes later, you can spot the Charmadi Ghat road that runs from to the Kodekallu peak. There aren’t any vehicles on this road. It is therefore recommended to reserve a cab or Jeep and request them to bring you back from here.

The trek from Balekallu along with Kodekallu Peak from Bidruthala:

As you enter Bidruthala village, you’ll be able to be able to see Bidruthala hill. Bidruthala hill. There are a few of thatched homes. You can take a detour in the village toward Bidruthala hill. The path traverses through the forest. In about 30 minutes you will reach the summit. When you reach the top you will see open grasslands. There are many summits such as Jenukallu, Balekallu, Minchukallu which you can hike.

The hike is straightforward and has a broad path. It is a mix of vast forest areas and grasslands. While hiking it, you’ll first arrive at Jenukallu Gudda and then Balekallu hill that is higher than other mountains. From there, the path to Kodekallu is the same as the that described in the previous route.

Food and Accommodation:

Tents are available on either Balekallu Kodekallu or gudda. However, camping should be avoided because these paths are frequented bisons, elephants and other animals.

It is recommended to hike the area between November to February. The hills in summer are not green. Ballalarayana Durga Fort is another trek nearby that you can take from the area. Another location you could visit can be the Alekkan waterfalls. It is located on the way to Charmadi towards Kottigehara.