Best Treks In India

The best treks in india that you can do can be divided into three categories: hill, mountain and valley. This category of the mountain is the most well-known. The list below includes the most picturesque treks routes. The typical duration of a trek is between one and three weeks. To determine the most suitable treks for you, keep reading to determine which trek is best for you. This article post will discuss the best hiking treks in the Indian Himalayas.

The Himalayas are most beautiful in the summer, winter and monsoon seasons. In winter, you can go on easy treks such as Kedarkantha trekking, Brahmatal trek, Dayra Bugyal trek, Chopta chandrashilla trek, and Kuari pass trek. The winter weather is colder than the other seasons; however, the views are worth the trek. A trip to the Himalayas is an experience you will never forget. The valley is attractive in the summer. The rainy season is beautiful; the monsoon season can be risky, but some treks can be safely done during monsoon. These include the Valley of flowers, Hampta Pass, Kashmir Great Lakes and Tarsar marsar.

Based on the trek grades. To choose the suitable trek for you according to your fitness level, We’ve divided our treks into 3 levels of difficulty: Easy to Moderate, Moderate Plus, and Difficult.

Himalayan Easy To Moderate Best Treks

If you’re new to trekking, the best way to begin is by searching for easy, moderate Himalayan treks. Although there are a lot of popular treks in the Himalayas, there are a few treks that are easier than others. Below are the most popular moderate to easy Himalayan treks. They all offer stunning panoramas from The Himalayas and are excellent treks for those new to trekking.

Kedarkantha Trek

Time: 6 Days

Trek Grade:Easy – Moderate

Location: Uttarakhand

The best time for trek: September – April

Trek Altitude:12,500 ft

kedarkantha trek, trekupindia

Kedarkantha Trek is a breathtaking hike through the Himalayas full of lush greenery and colossal flora gardens. The stunning peaks are framed by frozen ponds that make for a beautiful place to take in the beauty of nature. A visit up this peak is an absolute must for anyone a nature enthusiast. This trek will take you to the breathtaking landscape and offer spectacular views of this stunning region.

Although the trek is accessible all season, it is a great place to enjoy breathtaking views in winter. From December through April, you’ll be able to stroll through the snow-covered trails. You’ll also see the snow and ice buckets over the pine peak. However, you need to prepare your trip in advance. In winter, the most beautiful view of the mountain is an excellent option for those who are physically fit.

The trek can be completed during any season, and the difficulty level can range from easy to moderate. It is essential to dress in layers of clothing to keep warm, and remember your hiking shoes! You can pick the time of evening or day that fits your needs and then take the hike. The Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most sought-after winter excursions. Make sure you bring warm clothing and a camera, as the snow can be freezing.

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Brahmatal Trek

Time: 6 Days

Trek Grade:Easy – Moderate

Location: Uttarakhand

The best time for trek: September – April

Trek Altitude: 12,250 ft

Brahmatal Trek, trekupindia

Brahmatal Trek is among the top trekking experiences in India. It is suitable for beginner and experienced trekkers. It’s mostly in forests, which decreases the possibility of experiencing altitude sickness. It’s a perfect hike to enjoy a winter getaway since you can feel the excitement of snow falling and the peaceful oak trees. The golden-white peaks of the Himalayas are a beautiful view and an excellent opportunity to be in a quiet place. Be sure to be mentally and physically prepared for the arduous hike ahead. The walk starts at the beautiful lake surrounded by massive mountains and lush forests. The trail passes through a secluded meadow filled with Oak trees and is bordered by a magnificent Trishul mastiff.

The terrain is rough and provides stunning panoramic views over the Himalayas. The time for trekking in Brahmatal runs from November until March, making it perfect for those with an acceptable fitness level.

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Dayara Bugyal Trek

Time: 6 Days

Trek Grade: Easy – Moderate

Location: Uttarakhand

The best time for trek: September to June

Trek Altitude:11,827 ft

Dayara Bugyal Trek, trekupindia

Dayara Bugyal crosses through beautiful oak forests and grasslands. Clearwater bodies, huts and wildflowers can be found throughout the route. It takes about 5 nights and 6 days to complete the entire trek. You’ll see beautiful valleys and snowcapped mountains along your trek. It’s a fantastic experience to see 12500 feet of the highest peak on Dayara Bugyal Trek.

The trail is beautiful in the summer when it is surrounded by lush greenery. Barsu is the base camp, and the route is lined with charming houses and lovely gardens. You can trek in any season, from spring through fall. The Winter months are best for enjoying the snow-capped mountains, clear waters and stunning scenery.

Visitors can learn about local customs and culture at Barsu. There are many species of fauna and flora in the surrounding areas, and the mild climate of the area is also a plus. Dayara Bugyal can be accessed in spring, summer or winter.

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Har Ki Dun Trek

Time: 7 Days

Trek Grade: Easy – Moderate

Location: Uttarakhand

The best time for trek: March to June And September to December

Trek Altitude:11,811 ft

Har Ki Dun Trek, trekupindia

One of India’s most famous treks in the Har Ki Dun Trek. You will be able to see the stunning mountains and surrounding countryside from this route. There are villages at least two thousand years old, and these villagers are friendly and eager to meet you. The area’s stunning landscapes will allow you to learn more about the local way of life. You will have the opportunity to meet local people and learn about their daily lives. You can visit Har Ki Dun best between March and June and September and December.

Summer will bring greener valleys and more unmistakable air. The Harki Doon trek will give you the best views and the most beautiful natural beauty worldwide. In summer, the Harki Doon trek is more impressive by the snow on surrounding peaks such as Har Ki Dun peak Hargarohini and Aata peak Har Ki Dun peak.

The trek will take you through snowy mountains between December and January. If the snow accumulation is excessive, the trek will be canceled. The views are breathtaking, and the valley will look like something out of a Disney movie. You can also enjoy the cold weather at the camping sites.

Although some trekking companies may tell you to go to Ruinsara Lake with Har Ki Dun Trek, it is not worth it. Ruinsara is located on Bali Pass Trail, and Moninda Lake can be found on Har Ki Doon Trek, which you will be visiting.

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Chopta Chandrashila Deoratal Trek

Time:6 Days

Trek Grade:Easy – Moderate


The best time for trek:September to June

Trek Altitude:12,080 ft

Chopta Chandrashila Deoratal Trek, trekupindia

The Chopta Chandrashila Deoratal Trek is one of India’s most popular and beautiful treks. The route begins at Gopeswar, near Haridwar, and it then goes to Duggalbitta and finally to Chopta. It is a lovely landscape, and you can see the Himalayan monals from your hike. The Chopta Chandrashila Deoltal Trek will appeal to those who enjoy hiking, photography, and nature. This trip traverses the Chamoli–Rishikesh route.

From May to June, beginning, and September to March are the best times to visit Chopta Chandrashila Devioratal Trek. Tungnath is possible because the snow has melted by this time. If there isn’t any snow in winters, the trek to Chandrashila can only be done throughout the year. When temperatures rise above freezing, September is the best month to visit Chandrashila.

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Phulara Ridge Trek

Time:6 Days

Trek Grade:Easy – Moderate


The best time for trek:April to June And September to December

Trek Altitude:12,170 ft

phulara ridge trek, trekupindia

The Phulara Ridge Trek in the Himalayas is stunning. The best time to do it is in the summer when the Pushtara meadows are full of wildflowers. Fall foliage is spectacular, with rhododendrons thriving along the trail. It’s also possible to do it during the post-monsoon season, September or November, when the trees are covered in fall colors.

The forest is dense, and light streams light the trails. It’s a rare opportunity to hike in a forest. The views are breathtaking, and the air is fresh and quiet. Many trees can be found on the ridge, including dwarf rhododendrons and silver birches. The Trek is one of the most beautiful in Uttarakhand.

When the mountains turn green to snow, June to May is the best time to do the Phulara Ridge Trek. You will pass lush meadows and blooming Rhododendrons along the route. You will reach Dehradun at night after the journey takes around eight to nine hours. This route is ideal for both families and individual trekkers.

The Phulara Ridge provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges. The 250-degree views of the mountains from the Phulara Ridge will make it seem like you are traveling with the mountains. The narrow mountain ridge that runs along its two sides creates the shape of the area. This area is located in northeast Uttarakhand and is just 25 km from Himachal Pradesh’s border.

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Valley Of Flowers Trek

Time:6 Days

Trek Grade:Easy – Moderate


The best time for trek:July to August

Trek Altitude:14,400 ft

valley of flowers trek, trekupindia

The Valley of Flowers Trek’s most impressive sight is the Valley of Flowers. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to endemic alpine flora. Snow-capped mountains and lush meadows surround it. The Valley of Flowers is a great place to connect with nature. Tourists from all walks of life, including botanists and hikers, have flocked to the Valley of Flower to see the beautiful blooming flowers.

The valley of flowers trek offers a paradise of flowers with many varieties. The landscape is full of color and scent, and the trekking trails are lovely and fragrant. The area is home to millions of wildflowers, including Himalayan balsam and Himalayan hogweed, Marsh marigold, Thyme and Himalayan Lilies. The route isn’t flat, but it is breathtaking from a visual perspective.

Five-kilometer-long glacial corridors make up the central valley of Sariska National park. The trek starts at Govindghat, the last village that can be reached by car. This village is well-known for its temples and is a popular spot for Sikh pilgrims. The trek requires you to be physically fit, and however, it is essential to know your limits. You will need to walk approximately 40km each day on the Valley of Flowers Trek.

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Sandakphu Phalut Trek

Time:6 Days

Trek Grade:Easy – Moderate

Location:West Bengal

The best time for trek:Sept to April

Trek Altitude:11,950 feet

Sandakphu Phalut trekking is a challenging but rewarding adventure that will inspire you to explore and be patient. This package offers breathtaking views of the mountains and natural surroundings, making it the ideal getaway for anyone who loves a challenge. This is the best spot to see the Red Panda. The Gurdum trek leads to the Gurdum Red Panda, located in the Gairibas area.

The path to Phalut begins in Sandakpur and goes for six kilometers, and it covers 80 km. Although the trail is easy, it cannot be easy if you’re not prepared. It is 21km from Sandakphu and Phalut, making it an ideal choice for people in good physical condition. The trail is uncrowded, so you can easily see your companions even in bad weather.

The Sandakphu Phalut trek can be done in autumn or winter. Although you will need to traverse through forests in the middle, there are many wildlife areas and picturesque villages, and you can admire the Four Sisters from Samandin. Although the trek to Sandakphu Phalut can be done relatively straightforwardly, there are some challenging sections.

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Hampta Pass Trek

Time:6 Days

Trek Grade:Easy – Moderate

Location:Himachal Pradesh

The best time for trek:June to September

Trek Altitude:14,062 feet

Hampta Pass Trek, trekupindia

Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh, is the perfect option for mountain enthusiasts and amateurs. You can reach the highest point in the Himalayas at fourteen thousand feet. This trek does not require any acclimatization. You can start the trek right after arriving in the area. You can also trek the trail without a guide.

Be prepared for frequent whiteouts while hiking in Hampta Pass. You will feel like you are floating in the air through cotton clouds. Relax while you camp next to tranquil rivers, break in the meadows of vibrant flowers, or walk across charming bridges and take calming showers. You will fall in love with the Himachal mountains on this trek.

The 26-kilometer Hampta Pass trek is a challenging one. There will be streams and meadows and rocky cliffs and many different bird species. The variety of landscapes you will see while trekking through Hampta Pass will surprise you. This trek is one of the most beautiful in Himachal and will make you long to return to the Himalayas.

The Hampta Pass Trek has many reasons. It will be unforgettable because of the breathtaking scenery and challenging itinerary. As you ascend to the highest altitudes, you will be able to see Himalayan peaks and glaciers. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience a thrilling Himalayan adventure there!

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Best Moderate Plus Treks

For moderate treks you should have at least 1 or 2 treks experience in Himalayas

Buran Ghati Trek

Time:7 Days

Trek Grade:Moderate Plus

Location:Himachal Pradesh

The best time for trek:May – June And Sept – Oct

Trek Altitude:15,000 feet

Buran Ghati, trekupindia

It’s the Buran Ghati trek is an eight-day hike. The hike is moderate to challenging and will allow you to experience all four seasons during all the stages of your trek. The terrain is filled with boulders and is bordered by snowy peaks and dense forests. A jacket with padding will keep you warm, and you should pack a minimum of 5 layers of warm clothes. Also, you should carry rain gear along with additional layers of lightweight clothing.

The ascent section will include climbing over boulders and then on steep slopes. The descent is slippery and snowy. There’s much climbing to be done; however, the views are worth the effort. You’ll need an ice ax or rope to assist you on the rough sections along the trails.

This trail is white with greens and yellows. There are also numerous wildflowers growing in the meadows near campsites. In autumn time, you’ll experience the best colors of the year when the grasslands transform to bright blue and green. The fall season is a little shorter than summer, and however, it is precisely as stunning and does not have as much snow. The temperatures are lower, and you’ll need to pack warm clothing.

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Rupin Pass Trek

Time:7 Days

Trek Grade:Moderate plus

Location:Himachal Pradesh

The best time for trek:May – June And Sept – Oct

Trek Altitude:4650 mtr

Rupin Pass trek, trekupindia

Rupin Pass Trek is a cross-country trail for trekking in India. The trail is accessible all the time. However, it is best to stay clear of the monsoon season since the snow can become slippery, and trails could be closed because of the possibility of landslides. The ideal time to hike across Rupin Pass is from mid-April through June and September through October.

The climb isn’t easy and requires a high level of physical fitness. This isn’t recommended to those new to trekking or those who aren’t capable of climbing mountains. Rupin Pass Trek Rupin Pass Trek can be an arduous but rewarding adventure for trekkers seeking a challenge.

This Rupin Pass Trek is an excellent way to explore the beauty of nature in the Himalayas. The dramatic altitude and significant change in the trail make this two-state hike an absolute treat for those who love nature. The turquoise water in the Rupin river makes the scene more stunning. After the hike, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking three-stage waterfall that is an absolute must-see.

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Bali Pass Trek

Time:8 Days

Trek Grade:Moderate plus


The best time for trek:May – June And Sept – Oct

Trek Altitude:4,953 meters

Bali Pass Trek, trekupindia

Amidst the top ten most stunning trekking routes globally, The Bali Pass Trek is a spectacular mountain trek that climbs the height of 4,953 meters. The region has temples and is known for its stunning beauty. The trek route leads you through the magnificent mountains that make up Mount Batur and its evocative landscape. There are many sights to explore during this trek, including Ruinsara Tal, which is Ruinsara Tal, where trekkers can camp along the frozen waters.

The Bali Pass trek is a not as well-known yet incredibly scenic trek that stretches across between the Yamunotri and the Har ki Doon valleys. It is a walk through lush forests before stepping onto alpine terrain, traversing through rustic villages throughout the route. The Ruinsara river is an ideal location to camp during your journey. Reflections of the water’s thought and the beautiful flowers on the mountainside create a fantastic scene.

The hike starts from Sankri, a town close to the Govind Ballabh Pant Wildlife Sanctuary and has stunning views. The route from Sankri traverses the Kempty waterfalls as well as of Mussoorie. This is located between Swargrohini and the other Greater Himalayan summits, and the evening sky is a stunning view.

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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Time:8 Days

Trek Grade:Moderate plus

Location:Jammu & Kashmir

The best time for trek:July, August and September

Trek Altitude:13,800 ft

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, trekupindia

It is believed that the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is one of the most stunning treks within the Himalayan Mountains of India. The trek can be able to see peaks of 8000 m and also 7000-meter summits. It’s a strenuous hike but worthy of the time and effort. If you’re seeking a truly unique experience, you might be interested in this trek of a week in the summertime. Here are some suggestions to make your trip one remember.

The trek starts in Sonamarg, the town at 2800m over sea level. On the way, you’ll experience brief but intense rain showers. In specific locations, you’ll also see low hailstorms. While the weather is uncertain, the trek is well-marked and safe. It would be best if you had a trekking permit and food and tents. It is also necessary to bring all the gear you’ll need, such as an overnight bag and a warm jacket, and plenty of water.

The journey to the gorgeous lake resorts starts in Sonamarg, the village, at an altitude of 2800 m above sea level. It is possible to see two lakes, Gangabal and Gangabal and Gangabal, and an evening of relaxation by a campfire next to a lake. At the end of your day, it’s time to cross three high-altitude passes that can be a strenuous trek. The hike is generally flat, with a few climbs and gradual descents.

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Goechala Trek

Time:11 Days

Trek Grade:Moderate plus


The best time for trek:

Trek Altitude:15,100 ft

The Goechala trekking journey begins with the beautiful landscape of Yuksom and follows an unmarked trail that runs through the Rathong valley of the river. Following the crossing of the Rathong River, the trek goes on through the dense forest to TshushayKhole waterfall. TshushayKhole waterfall. The view will include mountain ranges Kanchenjunga and Kabru and then traverse through the glacial lake. When you climb, you’ll cross a glacial moraine, an ice-covered lake that resembles an ice lake. The trail will wind through a rhododendron woodland and eventually ends in Pandim’s viewpoint. Pandim viewpoint.

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Preetam  Singh Rawat

Preetam Singh Rawat

The founder of this trekking organisation and have almost 12 years of experience in mountain guiding with 6000-7000 meters peaks scaled by him.

Not only this, but the founder have also guided over 200 Himalayan treks like Bali Pass, Buran Ghati, Rupin Pass, Pin Bhabha, Stok Kangri, Black Peak several times.

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