Top 7 Winter Himalayan Treks in India

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If an adventure enthusiast exists in you, then you are all set to indulge in a thrilling, challenging, experiential Himalayan winter trek in 2023. There are unbelievable trekking options for you all over India; let me make it easy by recommending some of the Top-notch winter Himalayan treks. Embarking on Himalayan treks assures one remarkable trekking Experience, delivering mesmerizing landscape, 360 views of high Himalayan peaks and mountains, the supercool winter line, the golden rays of sunrise and sunset, and the glittering night skies with shooting stars. One word to say that Himalayan treks are blessed with a bundle of Joy, experiences, and thrill, and Pure Adventures Trekup India makes the impossible possible when you count us on the adventure. For all these adventures, Choosing Team Trekup India as your Adventure Partner ensures yourself being in safe hands in the remote high mountains. The organization stands out as top-notch in its legalization with Governments and national adventure bodies, having highly experienced & professional office bearers and high-altitude mountain experts. The organization is proud to introduce the best & highest-quality trekking equipment by monitoring its trekkers’ safety standards and medical examination when commencing the trek and delivering our foremost on-ground services. Today, Trekup Indian owns its own deluxe accommodations and fleet of transportation.

We look forward to serving you the best, as your trust is our priority. Hope to meet you in one of the “Top 7 Winter Himalayan Treks in India”.

1. Kedarkantha Trek- The Only Summit Trek – Sankari, Uttarakhand

drone view of kedarkantha bsae camp and summit

Kedarkantha is one of the most loved winter treks in Sankari, Uttarakhand; most people relate this with the famous Kedarnath Temple but distinguish oneself as both are different. Kedarkantha is a six-day trek, and its base is in Sankari, Uttarakhand. It is most popular in the entire Indian Himalayas, and it is popular for many reasons.

General facts

  • Duration: 05 Nights & 06 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 12500 Feet
  • Trek Distance: 24 Km
  • Grade: East to Moderate
  • Best Time: October to April
  • Start / End Point: Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
  • Nearest Railway station: Dehradun Railway station

Some Important Highlights: –

  • The trek has the finest summit climb doable by both beginner and pro trekkers.
  • Deep inside Govind Wildlife National Park, Kedarkantha is the most charming winter trek in the entire Himalayas of India.
  • Experience the thrill of attempting summit-by-night trekking.
  • The adventure on this trek is stunning; however, the snow-clad mountain is beyond imagination.
  • Magic happens at the summit during sunrise. Witness the most beautiful morning of your life. Experience once-a-lifetime golden rays falling from the magnificent sky on beautiful row after row mountains.
  • The beautiful calm moment – The first rays of the sun are powerful enough to cut down the surrounding noise and embrace one in absolute calmness.
  • Overall, the Kedarkantha trail is beautiful, offering an amazing landscape, thick pine forest, frozen or semi-frozen Juda ka lake, some great summer meadows, the snowy winter slopes, and the altitude you gain the best you get.

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2. Kuari Pass Trek- The lord Curzon trail- Joshimath, Uttarakhand

kuari pass trek

The Breathtaking Kuari Pass Trek, having its base in Joshimath, Uttarakhand, is one of a kind for Adventure lovers; Trekup India has perfectly curated this for all natures of trekkers, either beginners or pro trekkers at an altitude of 12516 Feet, offering panoramic view Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, there is also the Interlude of meadows and beautiful forests bursting with rhododendron and oak trees makes your trek to be more beautiful. On the way, you will also be able to enjoy the breathtaking sights of the holy rivers like Bhagirathi and Alakananda, which make the climb more thrilling. The trek will take you through several lesser passes, including the Vinayak Pass and Tali Top. They eventually lead you to the trek’s highest point, the Kuari Top.

 General facts

  • Duration: 05 Nights & 06 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 12516 Feet
  • Trek Distance: 32 Km
  • Grade: East to Moderate
  • Best Time: October to April
  • Start / End Point: Rishikesh/ Haridwar, Uttarakhand
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
  • Nearest Railway station: Rishikesh, Railway station


 Some Important Highlights of the Trek: –

  • Experience trekking through lovely oak, Maple, Pine, Rhodendron, and Golden Oak forests.
  • During your trek, listen to the mythological stories of how Lord Hanuman took a part of Mount Dronagiri on his quest for the Sanjeevni Booti to save Lord Laxman’s life.
  • Relish the mesmerizing view of snow-clad peaks such as Hathi Ghoda Peak, Kamet Peak, Neelkanth Peak, and Chaukhamba. Mount Trishul, Nanda Devi, and others.
  • From the top, enjoy 270 Degrees of amazing view of the Greater Himalayas and approx 22 peaks.
  • Overall, Kuari Pass Trek is one of the less crowded treks, which offers the best scenic view and experience when on a trek.
  • The entire trek is through Nanda Devi National Park. 
  • Chitrakantha is a small meadow; the stones found here are believed to be used for making chalk.  

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3. Brahmatal Trek- The abode of Lord Brahma The Creator, Uttarakhand

brahma tal trek trishul peak

Brahmatal is considered one of the top winter Himalayan Trek in the Garhwal mountains, and the amazing trek takes one through the centuries-year-old mix of forests of Oak and Rhodendron, the great valleys and meadows, tranquil hamlet, streams, and conifers. In the winter, the entire region is covered with snow and offers unparalleled Himalayan views. On reaching Bekaltal, enjoy the eye-pleasing view of the lake. The lake’s water is always brown, indicating more dissolved organic matter; typically, these lakes are surrounded by forests and wetlands. During your adventure experience, the magnificent view of mountain ranges approx 8-9 mountain ranges can be viewed one behind another. The beauty is beyond imagination, and the scenes of calmness are beyond deep meditation and unmatchable to most trekking days. The sunset makes this trek adorable.  


General Facts

  • Duration: 05 Nights & 06 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 12200 Feet
  • Trek Distance: 24 Km
  • Grade: East to Moderate
  • Best Time: October to April
  • Start / End Point: Rishikesh/ Haridwar, Uttarakhand
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
  • Nearest Railway station: Rishikesh Railway station & Kathgodam Railway station  


Some Important Highlights of the Trek: –

  • The Trek is an enthralling forest walk in the hundred-year-old forest of Rhodendron.
  • It offers two beautiful alpine lakes. 
  • The Brahmatal trek offers a blissful sunset view, turning its surroundings golden, and the beautiful reflection on the crystal-clear lake is just stunning.
  • The closest view of Mt. Nanda Ghunti and Mt. Trishul forces you to take your cameras out, and the eye-soothing views heal all your soul.
  • The Golden sun rays on Mt. Nanda Ghunti and Mt. Trishul are to be noticed by any trekkers, as this is one of the mesmerizing charms of your trek.
  • Not to forget the stunning long ridge walk Brahmatal this trek offers 
  • The stargazing one can experience is a life-changing moment. 
  • It has amazing flora and fauna; the state bird Monal can be easily found in the region.

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4. Sandakhphu Phalut Trek, Darjeeling-West Bengal

Sandakphu Phalut Trek

Sandakhphu Phalut Trek is the only kind of winter Trek in India from where you see the world’s four highest peaks: Mt. Kanchendzonga, Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, and Mt. Makalu. It is a lifetime chance to witness all this peak from one vantage point, which you get only in Sandakhphu Phalut Trek. The most impressive view on this trek is the impressive sleeping Budha, which is called when one looks at the world’s highest mount, Kanchendzonga Peak. The arc and form of the mountain range look like Lord Buddha is resting in peace, and this view fills one with emotions and teary eyes. This trek offers the world’s best sunrise and sunset. Remember, the Bamboo and Rhodendron forests are the densest in this trek, and the forests are just mesmerizing, which never makes you feel tired. When I was personally on this trek, I spotted a Red Panda once; they are rare. However, if your luck is trekking along, you would be lucky to spot one, which will make your day, and yes, Himalayan black bears and leopards are families of this region. 

The most important connection in this trek is with the unique local Indo-Nepali culture. One gets to immerse and experience the local culture; meeting and interacting with locals certainly increases your knowledge, and you learn more about the people, traditions, and culture.

General facts

  • Duration: 06 Nights & 7 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 12000 Feet
  • Trek Distance: 67 Km
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Best Time: October to April
  • Start / End Point: Sepi / Shrikhola
  •  Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport, West Bengal 
  • Nearest Railway station: New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal  


Some Important Highlights of the Trek: –

  • A stunning view of the world’s tallest mountain peaks, witness the picture-perfect sight of four of the world’s tallest mountains in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. The peaks that will be visible are Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga. 
  • Get enthralled by the sight of flora and fauna –The trek is in Singallia National Park, rich in biodiversity as you see Magnolias and Rhododendrons. The flowers add to the scenic views of pink, red, scarlet, and yellow hills. Get astonished at the sight of Himalayan black bears and Red Panda jumping on trees in the National Park.
  • “Sleeping Buddha” is a famous peak that is uniquely shaped. The famous sight of the Buddha Formation is another picturesque sight on this trek. Sleeping Buddha holds significant meaning and importance in Buddhism. This stance mainly implies eternal peace and tranquillity. The four tallest mountains form the famous Sleeping Buddha.
  • Remote Villages of the Himalayan Region – On the trek, you will see quaint Himalayan villages where people live in the winter season. You would come close to the lifestyle of local villagers, who depend greatly on tourism.
  • Experience the beautiful driving through world-famous tea estates.

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5. Chadar Trek- Trek on a frozen river in Ladakh

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek: The name itself is self-explainable, Chadar blanket and the best time to do it is when the entire region is covered with snow and looks like it is covered with a white sheet of the blanket; during this time, the Zanskar river is completely frozen which makes it possible to commence on this trek. This is the most magnificent and exhilarating winter trek across the blue planet, and it is a thrilling expedition over the beautiful frozen river. This trek provided an exceptional opportunity to discover the ancient tradition of Zanskar Valley, a blend of Tibetan and Indian cultures. If you are lucky enough, have a chance to spot some exotic wildlife species, such as blue sheep, snow leopards, and ibex, that can be found in the frozen surroundings.   

General facts

  • Duration: 08 Nights & 09 Days 
  • Highest Altitude:  11150 Feet
  • Trek Distance: 68-70 Kms 
  • Grade: Difficult 
  • Best Time: Jan-Feb 
  • Start / End Point: Leh / Leh  
  •  Nearest Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport

Some Important Highlights: –

  • Every adventure seeker dreams of a lifetime thrilling experience by trekking on a Frozen River in a -20-30-degree temperature at 11150 feet.
  • Walking on a frozen glass-like river with dramatic mountains on either side is a lifetime experience; you are totally out of the world in a different zone. 
  • Closely get to know about ages-old Zanskar Culture and tradition, which is an interesting blend of Tibetan and Indian; meeting & interacting with locals will give an in-depth understanding of the culture.  
  • Wildlife: There are always possibilities of spotting some exotic wildlife such as blue sheep, fox, snow leopard, and ibex; these animals are found in the Himalayan colder region. Another elusive creature is the Tibetan wolf, which roams in the region, but trekkers rarely encounter it, as they tend to avoid human presence. 
  • The most thrilling highlight of the trek is Narek Waterfall. The waterfall is completely frozen from Top to bottom, and it’s the only kind of attraction.

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6. Dayara Bugyal- Only winter trek with the largest snow expansion

dayara bugyal trek

The Dayara Bugyal in recent times has attracted a huge number of adventure enthusiasts and each year, the number is just increasing; one falls in love with the snowy charm of this trek. It has the best meadows in India and beautiful stretches without any rock/tree interruption between the meadows. And it has amazing Gangotri ranges at the backdrop. From the Dayara Meadows at 10000 Ft., one can enjoy the scenery of the Greater Himalayas at its Best. The mind-blowing Himalayan peaks of Gangotri ranges, including Bandarpunch, Kala Nag, Srikanth, Draupadi Ka Danda, and many more, are just in front of your eyes; they are so close and eye-soothing. All our trekkers spend hours, and you get another better click every second. 

General facts

  • Duration: 03 Nights & 04 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 12090 Feet
  • Trek Distance: 16 Km
  • Grade: Easy
  • Best Time: October to April
  • Start / End Point: Raithal / Raithal 
  •  Nearest Airport: Jollygrant Airport, Dehradun 
  • Nearest Railway station: Rishikesh and Haridwar Railway station

Some Important Highlights: –

  • The giant mountains: This trek offers an opportunity to witness the giant Mt. Bandarpoonch, Black Peak rising almost 21000 ft. above Daraya, the Great Garhwal Himalayas, Draupadi Ka Danda, Mt. Srikanth, Kala Nag and other peaks. 
  • The beautiful Lake: The Barnala Tal is scattered across alpine prairies; the beautiful campsite Barnala Meadows is a hundred meters before the lake.  
  • Wonderful Forest: The trek routes take one through beautiful Golden Oak Forests in the colors of green and brown (Moru and Kharsu). Maple and Rhodendron forests surround the meadows, adding to the picturesque view along snow-capped mountains. 
  • The colorful flowers: In the region, you get some amazing alpine flowerswhich bloom during summer and monsoon seasons, vibrantly giving a different look to the valley; some of the flowers are Blue Poppies, 
  • The Shepards in the Mountains:  In this trek, one will often see Shepards accompanying their hundreds of cattle herds grazing in the vast meadows (Bugyal), meet and interact with the shepherds, and listen to their local stories, know about their daily livings and struggles, their happiness in the mountains and more.
For more details, click here: Dayara Bugyal Trek.

7. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek to Highest Lord Shiva Temple

chopta, chandrashilla, tungnath

There is always a saying that you must climb higher to improve, which is true for the Chopta and Chandershilla trek. To great giant peaks and views is not easy, and neither do you get a chance to witness them easily; you need to exhaust yourself and make an extra effort to climb further and higher and believe me, the higher you go, the better you get. This kind of short-duration trek gives you all you want from the mountains, and the trek offers Great Deoriyatal Lake with a huge mountain backdrop. It has beautiful meadows to showcase and the lovely Rhodendron forest, which blooms pretty from March to May, trekking to the highest Lord Shiva temple in the world at 12070 feet Tungnath and highest amongst Panch Kedar. The most important day is hiking from Chopta to Tungnath and Chandershilla. This is the day people never forget in their lives, and it goes along a lifetime memory.    

General facts

  • Duration: 02 Nights & 03 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 12110 Feet
  • Trek Distance: 13 Km
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Best Time: October to April
  • Start / End Point: Sari/Chopta
  •  Nearest Airport: Jollygrant Airport, Dehradun 
  • Nearest Railway station: Rishikesh and Haridwar Railway station  

Some Important Highlights: –

Experience the beautiful Himalayan drive through the mountain roads, especially the Sari-Chopta drive through the amazing oak and Rhodendron forest. 

  • Saari village offers a unique Homestay and village experience; enjoy your host’s delicious homely-cooked food.
  • Meeting and interacting with the local people, learning about their daily Himalayan life and daily life routine. 
  • Trekking through the evergreen meadows is the perfect opportunity for capturing your best moments. 
  • The best views of high peaks you get to witness from Chandershilla; on your left, see the mesmerizing view of Mt. Thalaysagar, Kedarnath, Kedar Dome, Mandani Parbat, and Janhukut and giant Chaukhamba is right in front of you, all of these peaks are above 7000 meters. 
  • Look at your right side for the mind-blowing peaks of Gauri Parbat, Hathi Parbat, and Dunagiri along, the massive Mt. Nanda Devi, Mt. Nanda Ghunti, and Mt. Trishul stand adorable.  
  • Visit the Tungnath Temple, the world’s highest Shiva temple. It makes all the difference by taking away your suffering; your scenes are into a different universe of calmness and positivity; you are into an eternal world of your own.
  • Last, the night sky, star gazing, and Milky Way from your camps are mind-healing. 

For detailed information, you may visit Chopta Chandrashilla Tungnath.