Outdoor Leadership And Development Program

For School & Colleges

Outdoor Leadership And Development Program For Schools & Colleges

As we progress somewhere down the line, we leave our roots behind. India is well known for its tradition and culture, but we need to remember our culture and ethics with modernisation. It is very important to relate to our traditions and culture. Our parents or the generation to come are brought to be in an environment where we are taught not to interact with unknown people, as it is unsafe. But there was a time when everyone talked and interacted with one another without hesitation, which led to a better society. Due to the healthy food and lifestyle we were raised with, our parents and grandparents have strong immunity, making them vulnerable to common diseases. Despite our younger generation consuming ready-made food, which negatively impacts health, they don’t seem to care. We used to have traditional houses built, but now they are converted into concrete homes, which makes us forget the beautiful yet traditionally designed places. Western and other cultures influence kids more than their own culture and tradition. Engaging our youth in environmental protection activities will change more than just their attitude and behaviour. It will also influence their parents, relatives, and the people around them. Youth are the future of our society, and they can change the world through their well-being and courageous behaviour. If youth see the benefits of the environment, they will automatically become inclined to protect and preserve it.
In today’s increasingly fast-paced life, young people face many issues like physical and mental health. A solution to this issue is crucial because it affects our future and future generations. Trekup India has initiated an innovative new program to solve such a problem. The solution is to prepare youth for such a situation. This can be done by putting them in an environment where they can learn many skills. This can be done by going on a trek. Youth today are under heavy academic burdens. Students compete with one another to score the highest. This has caused problems such as low self-esteem, depression, social media influence, obesity, and communication problems, among many others. Their outdoor activities have been dwindling due to study pressure and free time spent on technology like mobile phones and computers. Devices have led to students growing faster as they are put in front of scenes they are not supposed to see at their age. Students have become materialistic and disconnected from nature. As a result of technology use, students are more likely to have problems, which is why we set forth reforms, such as trekking, as a means of overcoming those problems.

Why TrekupIndia?

Since 1993

  1. Trekup India has been one of the most recommended partners for trekking adventure tourism for more than 29 years. Featuring more than 75 Himalayan treks makes us supreme in the domain.
  2. We have explored trails like Kedarkantha Trek, Rupin Pass Trek, Borasu pass, Bali Pass, etc.
  3. Trekup India is India’s Oldest, Safest And direct operation trekking organisation. Trekup India has more trekkers than any other organization. 15,000 plus for 2022

We Are Approved And Certified By :-

  1. Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI)
  2. Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF)
  3. State Tourism Department

What We Do?

  1. Trekup India is the most trusted trekking company in India. We also sets safety standards for the entire trekking industry.
  2. Trekup India is the pioneer of trekking in India. Trekup India has brought most trekking routes, trekking systems and trekking equipment to India for Indian trekking.

Save The Trail

  1. Trekup India’s Save The Trails program is a favorite among trekkers. Our Save The Trails program has made trails, where Trekup India runs trekking, pristine. Save The Trails is a great way for trekkers to leave our mountains better that we found them.
  2. Trekup India is a unique trekking company that offers the Trekup India’s Trekkers best experience. These transformative experiences are well-designed and leave an indelible impression on trekkers. These have been around for 29 years.

Benefit Of Our Trekking Program On School & College Students

Trekking will divert students’ minds from anxiety, as they will be among nature and leave behind all issues once on the trek. As the young reason is easy to mould, it is wise to add these activities to their lives to improve their well-being. This will not only benefit them now but in the future as well. On the trek, they will overcome small hurdles that will prepare them for future problems. During adolescence, it is easy to maintain physical health, which results in better mental health. Trekking plays a crucial role in psychological well-being.
The following points will help you understand trekking benefits easily:

1. Living among nature

Being immersed in nature teaches adaptability, as you must adjust to limited means and survive. Also, you will be able to be with nature up close, breathe in the clean air, drink fresh water, and eat healthy food. It is very exciting to experience diverse wildlife and understand the importance of plants and animals. This is when you will live close to them.

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Whenever you trek longer than usual, your patience and determination are tested. It is imperative for them to adhere to strict discipline, such as waking up on time, eating meals on time, and sleeping on time. Following the Team Leader’s instructions and the trail. Carrying your belongings, yourself, and leaving no trace you were there.

Mountains provide serenity as you witness picturesque views of waterfalls, rivers, snow mountains, a starry sky at night, and cultural diversity. When you are away from the hustle and bustle you automatically become disconnected from mental pressure as you no longer think about it. You get lost in nature’s wilderness.

5. Mood change and longer life

Walking and engaging in cardio as per numerous clinical studies has been shown to prevent depression, anxiety, stress, and other mood problems. And if you are physically and mentally healthy, you will live longer. Cancer and other health issues can be avoided through improved health.

As you follow a routine, you become more productive as you work on improving yourself. And as you like to reach a particular place on your own, you become focused on reaching there and neglecting issues along the way.

you must stay there with minimal resources and live with limited resources. As it is an unfamiliar place, you will have to deal with the weather, temperature, and other situations. You get to utilize water and food and understand their importance, learn to light fires, and live in temporary accommodations.

– you don’t have a laptop, television, or no network on your phone. You can connect with nature which leads to a connection with yourself, a discovery of one’s own self, and a reflection on one’s own identity.

you get to stay with unknown people and connect with them, which expands your horizon and limited shell. This automatically improves your emotional well-being, loneliness, and self-doubt.

Effect of this program

The students get to trek and do trek-related activities which push them out of their comfort zone. In addition to participating in other activities, they also get to see the benefits of nature, making them more engaged and enjoyable. They learn to protect wildlife and the environment, which they then apply to their lives and influence others. As they tell others about their experience, others are inspired to participate in this activity or follow their example. Additionally, they will become acquainted with different cultures and learn new things they will share with others and apply to their lives.

Safety Measures

Trekkers’ safety is our top priority, for which we have made many significant decisions. We have oxygen cylinders, stretchers, walkie-talky, oxygen meters, BP machines and microspikes, gaiters, technical teams on snowy slopes, etc. Our team, who has also been trained in basic medical treatment, guides the trekker during basic medical procedures. If an emergency occurs, our team is well-prepared and can assist you with any problems the trekker might face on the trail. Also, as we start a new program for young people, special attention will be given to them. Read more about our Safety Standards Here.

About Our Company

Trekup India as you get from the name is a company that aids trekkers who wish to trek to the Himalayas. Trekup India has been operating for many years. They have professional Trek leaders, Mountain guides, chiefs, and helpers who are qualified and certified in mountaineering courses along with medical treatment. In addition to knowing how to survive in the wilderness, the Trekup India Team have helped trekkers journey along the trails they have always dreamed of. Being a local tour and adventure company, we provide culture firsthand. We have helped trekkers from different parts of India and around the world. Trekup India had done a lot of trekking but now we wanted to start an outreach program that could take young kids on treks. So that they can also enjoy the adventure and benefit from it.