Sudhagad Fort Trek


Trekup India doesn’t run this Trek any time in the year. It is, however, an amazing trek which you can do by your self or with the help of local guides.

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Sudhagad Fort Trek

Sudhagad Fort, likewise recognized as Bhorapgad, is a hill fort in Maharashtra’s Pali district. Although considered a prospective capital for the Maratha empire under Shivaji Maharaja’s guidelines, the fort was ultimately not chosen due to its area, and Raigad was selected instead. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Sudhagad Fort is its extensive plateau at the summit. The fort’s leading functions are two temples, two ponds, a covert escape route, Pantsachiv wada (house for people), Maha Darwaza, and several other structures. With an altitude of 1970 feet, the trek to Sudhagad Fort is reasonably straightforward. The best time to check out Sudhagad Fort is during the monsoon or winter. If you plan to camp overnight, winter is the ideal time. Thakurwadi is the base village of the trek. It takes an hour to check out the fort after reaching the plateau.

Sudhagad Fort Trek Detailed Itinerary

  • Altitude: 1,970 ft.
  • Time taken: 2 hours from Thakurwadi.
  • Trek gradient: Easy.
  • Terrain type: thick plants and actions cut through the rocks.
  • Water sources: Carry water from the base. You can refill your water bottles from the lakes and wells on the top.

The trail starts simply opposite the school. If you want a guide on the trek, ask the locals there. After crossing a couple of houses, the trail begins ascending somewhat. From here, you can see the very first ladder also. The route is well laid, with negligible opportunity to lose track. Traversing even more, the route moves through thick overgrowth until you reach the first ladder. The ladder is brand-new and robust. After climbing the first ladder, the trail passes through open meadows with a light climb. About 15 minutes of walking will take you to the next ladder. You will reach stone steps leading you through Pacchapur Darwaja when you climb the ladder. The actions are simple to climb up but consume a lot of energy. 

The last 15 minutes of the climb are again through open meadows and lead you to approximately Takmak point. The trail now opens to huge flat land. There is a safe and clean freshwater pond at the top. This location is perfect for setting up a camp if you do not want to stay at the Vada (near the Bhorai Devi temple ahead). As you keep the lake to your left, proceed immediately following the arrow markers, and you will eventually encounter Rajwada. 

You can find accommodations and food offered by the temple caretaker. Further ahead, you’ll find a stone-bordered sidewalk causing the Bhorai Devi Temple, the household divine being of the Pant Sachivas. The temple yard features a deep stambh or light tower, and you’ll likewise discover several hero stones sculpted to commemorate a hero’s death in a fight.

Both the rajwada and temple are well-maintained, and the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains act as a humbling tip of human insignificance. You can select to descend back using the same route or explore an alternate route from Dhondase village, which fulfils the lead near the Devi temple. This trail travels through the Mahadarwaja, opposite Pacchapur Darwaja in the north. 

You can hire a lorry from Dhondase to return to Pali village. The descent takes around 2 hours, and there are likewise diversions on the Dhondase route, resulting in other tracks such as Talibala, Ghanghad, and Kairgad. If you decide to camp overnight on top, you can start early the next day to check out these additional tracks.

How to reach Thakurwadi, the base village.

Travel time: 3.5 hrs from Mumbai (Ex Dadar)/ Pune. The best method to reach Sudhagad is to go by own/hired automobile. The area needs to be more on track, which makes using public transportation troublesome. For those who wish to take public transport, reach Pali by ST buses (All buses from Mumbai to Mahad and beyond will take you to Vakan; from there, you can take a shared automobile to Pali. There are direct buses to Pali Panvel; however the frequency is restricted). Shares take Rs.15-20 per person. It would help if you employed a personal auto from Pali that will take you to the base village, Thakurwadi, which is 13 km from Pali. Getting transportation at night takes a lot of work.

Route from Mumbai: Mumbai-Panvel-Khalapur-Pali-Pacchapur-Thakurwadi.

Route from Pune: Pune-Lonavala-Khalapur-Pali-Pacchapur-Thakurwadi


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