Why You Should Do Sandakphu Trek

Why You Should Do Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek is one of the picturesque treks, as you see four of the world’s tallest peaks. The mountain range within the Singalila National Park offers breathtaking Himalayan views. Pine forests and a narrow river surround small clearings through dense bamboo groves. Experience this unique landscape and its distinct nature is well worth the trip. It has stunning views of the peaks within the Himalayan range.

  • Forest – Spring is in these mountains in a multitude of hues. Bamboo and Rhododendrons in pink-red sweep the hills with the enthusiasm of summer fun. There’s a celebratory feel to the Singalila forest walks along this hike in the northeast during the spring peak you should be looking for.
  • Wildlife – It is believed that the Singalila National Park is the natural habitat of red pandas. They are adorable but mysterious creatures, and they are found in the forest, running through the trees. And you may be lucky enough to capture one in your photograph. Other animals that are seen are Himalayan black bears and clouded leopards.
  • Kalipokhri – The Kalipokhri settlement was built around the lake that is Kalipokhri. It means black water. This small waterhole provides an idyllic, tranquil, and beautiful place tucked in the stunning mountainous terrain, with Kanchenjunga waiting from a distance.
  • Mountains – Kanchenjunga Cluster The Kanchenjunga group is something you will see as you enter the middle of Darjeeling town. It is a source of the excitement of seeing this mountain in the distance along the trail. Other peaks you would see are Kumbhakarna, Simvo, Kokthang, Rathong, Frey, and South Kabru.
  • Statue of Sleeping Buddha – When you reach Tumling, the first uninterrupted view of Sleeping Buddha, the Sleeping Buddha is your guide throughout your journey. “Sleeping Buddha” structure of the Kanchenjunga in all its dazzling glory as it gets more prominent and sharper as we get closer to its summit.
  • Flowers – White cottony Magnolias bloom along with pink, red, scarlet, and white flowers swathe the mountainside, creating a truly magical moment. The Singalila National Park is home to several species of primulas, also known as primroses. These delicate and charming flowers can be found in shades of blue, purple, yellow, and pink.
  • Unique Cultural Experience – Several ethnic communities like Sherpas, Tibetans, and Nepalese inhabit the region surrounding Sandakphu. Interacting with the local people and experiencing their rich culture and traditions can enrich the trek.


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