Why You Should Do Rupin Pass Trek

Why You Should Do Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek showcases an appealing surrounding of dense forests, landscapes, and other nature offerings that will make your trip memorable. It is a perfect trek for any escapade because this trek offers a hike to every type of land, be it on rock-strewn terrain, snow, and through the watercourses of water or meadowlands.

  • Lower Waterfall Campsite – The Lower Waterfall campsite is likely the most exquisite Himalayas offering. Snuggled in the bottom part of an ideal “U” shaped glacial valley – it is on the foundation of a rich green meadow.
  • Grasslands on the Kinnaur – From the snowline after the pass, the trail descends sharply through limitless meadows, extending all the right way to Sangla Kanda. The fields of Sangla Kanda are awe-inspiring, particularly in its environment—the clear notched advantage of the Kinnaur Kailash assortment.
  • Forest near Jakha – The trail out of Jiskun descends rapidly through a forest of deodars and walnuts until it reaches an enchanting dark fold in the mountain. The trail winds through a stunning mixed forest of fir, towering blue pines, and maple – with a cliff face on the other side of the valley and whistling birds keeping you company on this site.
  • Waterfalls and Flowers at Saruwas Thatch – From Saruwas Thatch, you will see a U-shaped valley surrounded by several waterfalls. You would spot many yellow marigolds along with vast green meadows. You will also see some wildflowers with blue, purple, yellow, and white colors.
  • Snow Bridge over Rupin River – On this trek, you would cross Rupin River via Snow Bridge, a little steep uphill. You would be climbing upward and higher, which is a thrilling adventure. When you are standing at the snow bridge in the middle, you can see the Rupin waterfall.
  • Mountain Range – The Dhauladhar range will enchant you across the valley. As you reach the top, you will see the Sangle side of the mountains. We would see the visual blend of snow-capped mountains and green meadows.
  • Shepherd’s Trail – The Shepherd’s trail lies in the route towards the valley, and you would see the shepherds tending their folks. The Shepherd’s Trail usually begins after reaching the village of Jhaka, the last major settlement before Rupin Pass. Instead of following the regular trail from Jhaka to Rupin Pass, trekkers can take the Shepherd’s Trail, which leads through a relatively remote and less explored area.


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