What Is Trek Pole & How To Use Trekking Pole In Right Manner?

A trekking pole is an essential tool for any hiker or trekker. They help improve balance, reduce strain on your legs and joints, and provide additional support while walking on steep or uneven terrain. Here you will cover some tips on how to use trekking poles while trekking.

A trekking pole is one of the most essential gear required for trekking. It helps us reduce the excess pressure in our leg joints and provides support while walking over uneven terrain. 

How to use trekking pole correctly:

1. Length adjustment: check that your arm should make a 90-degree angle with your elbow while holding the trekking pole. Keep your elbow close to your body and make your body comfortable with the pole. Use them uphill and downhill: Shortening the poles slightly on uphill climbs to help push yourself up the hill. On downhill sections, lengthen the poles to help take the weight off your knees and reduce the risk of falls.

2. Holding technique: Grip the poles firmly but not too tightly, and keep your wrist straight. Secure the pole by adjusting the strap with your wrist that can be used to secure the poles.

Always use two Trekpole for proper balancing of the body. A trekking pole with a shock absorber is preferred as it will give a more cushioning effect. 

3. Use them in rhythm: Use your trekking poles with your steps. Plant the pole on your right side and vice versa as you plant your left foot ahead. This will provide additional support and balance to your body

4 Adjust the length as per Terrain: On rocky and murrain terrain, you may need to shorten your poles to maintain balance. You may need to lengthen your poles on soft or muddy ground to avoid sinking into the ground.

5. Avoid over-reliance: While trekking poles can be helpful, avoid over-reliance on them. Using your strength and balance to navigate the terrain would be best.

6. Using trekking poles correctly can improve your trekking experience and reduce the risk of injury.

7. Avoid misusing the trekking pole: keep your Trekpole safe and secure in your campsite, as the tip of the Trekpole can cause harm to another trekker and also to camp.



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