What Is Trek Insurance, Why It Is Mandatory On Treks And What It Covers

Most of us know about insurance; we take insurance for vehicles, houses and valuable items but have yet to think about taking Trek Insurance. Trek Insurance is important as it will help the trekker if they face any following situations like severe Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS), accidental injury or major illness. There is no way of knowing what situation you may face in the mountains, and you may need to evacuate in emergencies. You might have life or medical insurance, but it does not cover any mishap on the trek. Trekking insurance will be useful when you are affected by unpredictable weather conditions, such as avalanches, floods, or landslides.

Why is Trek Insurance important?

  • You trek toward high altitude, which increases the chance of facing severe Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) like HAPE or HACE. If you face this situation, you might need emergency medical evacuation, which could be taken care of if you have Trek Insurance.
  • There is a huge chance of accidental injuries, like an ankle sprain, ligament tear, arm or leg fracture, slipping and falling on wet trails, and injuries while playing games at the campsite. Trek Insurance will cover that.
  • If you face unpredictable weather situations like avalanches, floods and landslides, this is when trekking insurance will help you as you may need evacuation in case of rescue.
  • As Trekup India places trekkers’ safety first, we recomend you to get Trek Insurance.

Trek Insurance Cost, Validity, and Insurance Cover

Trek Insurance Cost may vary as per your requirement; however, the base cost starts at INR 210; the cost depends on the trek and its duration.

Trek Insurance Validity – Trek Insurance is valid from the day you start your trek until you return.

Trek Insurance Cover – After filling in the Claim Form, you will be issued a policy document.

  • Accidental Expenses for Hospitalization (Rs 100,000)
  • Air or road medical evacuation (Rs 100,000)
  • Personal Accident (Death & Disability) (Rs 100,000)
  • Repatriation of Remains Extension (Rs 15,000)
  • Outpatient Expenses for injuries/illness (Rs 10,000)

How to Apply for Trek Insurance

Once you have booked your trek, the Trekup India team will provide you a link on whatsapp group to fill out the form and to follow the given step until the payment gateway; once payment is cleared from your end, you shall receive the policy, and our team will be happy to assist you with it.

How to claim for Trek Insurance

  • Fill out the trek insurance claim form, which the Trekup India team will provide upon request.
  • Ensure you see a doctor and get a medical report within the next seven days of the incident.

(Note: Your claim will only be approved with the doctor’s consultation.)

  • In the meantime, the insurance issuance company team will email you as soon as they receive the report. Include the medical report and all the bills in your response to the email.
  • The claim should be approved quickly after all the documents have been checked.

What does Trek Insurance not cover?

Below we have provided the list in which cases Trek Insurance will not apply:

  1. If the trekker has intoxication or hallucination caused by drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants.
  2. If the trekker breaks any law of the particular area with criminal intent.
  3. If the trekker is in a professional sports team and has special benefits because of his inability to perform.
  4. If the trekker does intentional self-injury, suicide attempts, or has sexually transmitted diseases, mental disorders, anxiety, stress, or depression.
  5. If the trekker participates in riots, civil commotions, or other crimes violating the law.
  6. If the trekker faces pregnancy-related death or disability.
  7. If the trekker competes in motor speed contests.
  8. If the trekker is from a foreign nation.
  9. If the trekker has pre-existing diseases
  10. If the trekker cancels, re-schedules or delays, insurance will not apply.

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What Is Trek Insurance, Why It Is Mandatory On Treks And What It Covers

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