What is acclimatization And Why It Is Important?

Hello Trekkers today we will be discussing about   acclimatization in mountains It is process to adjust our body with change of environment condition in high altitude areas.  .In mountain atmospheric pressure decreases due to increase in altitude which cause oxygen molecules in air get reduced.

This sudden decrease of oxygen in mountain can be harmful to people who are coming directly from the sea level as most of our vital organ are not habitual to  lack of oxygen.

High altitudes can cause low oxygen saturation levels or desaturation of an individual’s blood. It happens because of low atmospheric pressure at high altitudes. Oxygen saturation levels refer to the extent hemoglobin is saturated to oxygen. At high altitude this saturation level get reduced .

 If acclimatization is done properly our body start producing more red blood cell which automatically will stabilize the oxygen level in our blood. But this will took some days time to stabilize our oxygen level.
Ignoring  acclimatization can  put us in   various medical problem  like AMS Acute Mountain Sickness, HAPE , HACE.In Mountains .
One should always keep a note that in mountain medical facility always remain in less but still  we keep basic first aid with us .

Always try to Ascent Gradually

Always try to ascend gradually as trekking is not a race, maintain your  walking pace and nevr try to go fast even though if you are very experienced trekker always enjoy the nature while trekking .

Keep yourself hydrated

For better acclimatization start hydrating Drink at least 4 liters of water per day .In mountain it is seen that people generally avoid drinking water due to cold temperature but such thing should not be done you can  recover your fluids intake by drinkinghot soups ,and hot bevereges try to take such fluid s in the form of hot soups , hot beverages Drink as much water/fluid as you can while in the mountains. them from your body when you sweat. The best way to find out whether you are well hydrated or not is by looking at your urine. It should be a pale white or a clear colour and not yellow. 

Eat well

The higher you go , the more you will need to consume carbs. Avoid spicy, oily and sugary food eat properly never skip your meals

Sleep well

Proper sleep is very necessary for the body to rejuvenate well before the next days of hike or altitude gain. Lack of oxygen may make sleep  disturbed. Early to bed early to rise phenomenon is applied here . 

Never sleep in mountain at day time as this can spoil your night sleep .

Regulating body temperature

Cover your body in mountains to get better acclimatize

Keep yourself dry and retain your body heat. You will perspire during the daytime as you walk on the trails. Always change your  wet cloths after reaching your next camp site . As Wet clothes drop your temperature and this will disturb your acclimatization process

Drinking alcohol need to be avoided during acclimatization process as alcohol cause our blood vessels to dilate which cause the blood to flow towards the surface of the skin which case excess amount of heat loss from our body that can led to Hypothermia and also led to AMS


At the last we will end up by  saying  that Although the Diamox medicine  is a preventive measure against AMS. But one should not be fully dependent upon such medicine as such medicine could give you a short relief but it should not be taken as a substitute to acclamatisation.

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