Why Do You need to Choose Trekup India For the Best Trekking Experience?

Why Do You need to Choose Trekup India For the Best Trekking Experience?

If you want to have a break from the hustle and bustle of life then it’s time for you to go on trekking. Always remember that trekking in the Himalayas has the superpower to refresh your soul.

Once you touch the mountains, you get the feeling which is beyond your expectations. No matter how exciting your daily life is, at some point of time, it gets monotonous. This is the time when you need to give yourself a break and go for a trek that will definitely give you the required refreshment.

But going on a trek is not an easy task because it is a little bit difficult to decide with whom you should go? Nowadays, you can find several hiking organizations which makes it confusing for you to select the perfect hiking solutions partner.

In the age of the internet, you can now find everything on Google with just a mouse click. There are several fake hiking companies that claim to offer amazing adventure experience which is beyond your expectations.

However, if you are looking for one of the best trekking companies that can give you the best trekking experience then TrekupIndia is definitely for you. In this article, you will come across several things that state why this trekking company is the most reliable one and also perfect for you.

It is a well-known company that you can trust

The company is in the hiking business for the past 27 years and also offering safe treks right from its establishment. TrekupIndia is working Since 1993 Thus we are top trekking company in india in the field of adventure , hiking , trekking , etc.

The professionals available at this company have paid attention to every small thing that is involved in making a trek successful. No matter whether it is a 10-day trek, a weekend trek, or a mountain-climbing excursion, TrekupIndia convert your dreams into reality.


The organization is quite fervent about trekking and also aims to bring in exclusive & contemporary trekking practices to take the trekking experience of voyagers to the next level.

Since the company is in this field for a long time, the founders, as well as team members, are extremely qualified, skilled, and experienced. Preetam Singh Rawat is the founder of this trekking agency and have almost 20 years of experience in mountain guiding with 6000-7000 meters peaks scaled by him.

Not only this, but the founder have also guided over 200 Himalayan hikes, trek Black Peak several times, and even explored different trails. All the trek leaders, base camp managers, and even cooks present at TrekupIndia are highly experienced.

Most of the team members present at this company are born and brought up in high altitude remote villages. Due to this reason, they are aware of the terrain. All the team members have also completed their basic and advanced mountaineering courses in order to sharpen their skills.

As a result, team members play a vital role in making the trekking trip to the Himalayas successful.


You might be surprised after knowing that TrekupIndia is an top adventure travel trekking company in India and also a member of the Uttrakhand tourism , Imf , etc

It is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and even recognized by Uttarakhand Tourism.

Something that makes this trekking agency stand out from the crowd is the trust of big government organizations. Some of the well-known government organizations include Indian Navy(IN), and the top collages of DU , etc.

All these institutions have increased the credibility and also made TrekupIndia as India’s topmost trekking company and adventure service provider.


Aware about the trekking world

With more than 31 years of experience in this field, TrekupIndia is quite close to mountains and organizes a perfect trip to give you life-long memories. It is important for you to know that India an important part of the largest mountain range on this planet.

The company is involved in developing trails in almost all the Himalayan states such as Sikkim, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir as well as Uttarakhand. Not only this, but the connections with the rivers, pastures as well as snow-mountains are quite solid & deep.

In order to organize a flawless trek tour, the company has good developed good relations with transport providers, local guides, and lodges, and several other people & places.

All the trekking places are visited by the company’s trek leaders in order to offer a perfect experience to the trekkers.

Not a company but a real friend

The company completely understands that how important a trekking trip is to you due to which it offers great services and even helps you in planning the trip just like a friend. It organizes a trekking trip that is completely memorable and worth going to.

Whether you want to trek the mountains solo, in groups, or with family, TrekupIndia offer several options keeping in mind your comfort.

Solo trekkers: This is the time when an individual wants to travel alone and learn about his or her limits. For solo trekking, you can join the fixed batches and discover yourself in the best possible manner.

Treks with family, kids & friends: If you want to explore mountains with your friends, family and kids then register everyone together as one whole unit.

Custom treks: There are also custom treks in which you have the privilege to choose your trek, date, time as well as people.

Get ready to save money

One of the major struggles of life is to earn money and save it. Whenever you buy any product or service, you try to shrink its price in order to save money. It is completely true that the happiness of saving money is different.

Similarly, when you get the bookings done with TrekupIndia, you avail of great discounts and offers on different trekking packages. As a result, you save a lot of money.

Indulge in a platform to show your creativity

Every individual can turn out to be an artist, with Instagram and YouTube. Nowadays, there is no requirement for a certificate to exhibit your talent.

Trekking with this agency, give you an opportunity to show your talent. Several contests are conducted where photographers, writers as well as videographers are given the chance to show their hidden creativity.

The trekking company helps you with a huge following that further increases your visibility & engagement to build a reputed brand.

Pay attention to the smallest thing

It is really scary sometimes to trek above 10,000 feet. Due to this reason, the company pays attention to every small detail because while trekking the trekkers go through survival at low-pressure and low oxygen regions.

Washing the utensils

TrekupIndia also have a team who wash the utensils, bowls, plates as well as spoons of the trekkers during the trip. The company does not ask its trekkers to carry their tiffin boxes and wash them.

This is because all the trekkers come from different cities are they do not have the habit of washing utensils in cold or freezing water. As a result, there is an experienced team who is always available to manage the task of washing utensils.

2-man tents

When it comes to 3-man vs 2-man tents, there are several debates. So, depending upon the past experience, the company has decided that 2-man tents are best because they offer great room for backpacks, proper circulation of oxygen along less breathing condensation.

Celebration of special moments

TrekupIndia believe in celebrating every small & special moment of the trekkers. Be it birthday or anniversary, the company never forget such special days as it is your partner in the escapade.

The chefs prepare delicious foods and cake in order to make the celebration memorable and also a grand event, like your birth day. Our Cooks can make cakes even on high altitude treks.

Never fail to amaze the trekkers

As a trustworthy service provider, the company is always ready to surprise its trekkers. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trekker, the company assures you that every trip is an outstanding experience.

The chefs prepare delicious food items that are sure to treat the taste buds of every trekker. You can expect spicy, North Indian, and even Jain-style food during your trip.

All the foods prepared are healthy and offer you great energy for trekking. Every day all the trekkers will involve in small stretching routines after the hectic day to offer body relaxation.

Apart from this, storytelling, singing competitions, games, and several other things are carried out during nights for entertainment purposes.

Great relations with local people

It is important for you to know that running a trekking company is not possible for one single person due to this reason several people are involved in it to ensure its smooth functioning.

One of the major reasons for starting a hiking company for TrekupIndia was to offer the job to the mountain people. The company requires help from the local people which assures that local people get enough work to earn their livelihood.

TrekupIndia has partnered with locals for different support like transport, technical, accommodation as well as medical. All this help from the locals helps in organizing a perfect trekking trip.

Right from the establishment, the company believes that our nation will grow only when villages are developed properly and villagers become literate.

Several mountain safety training programs, as well as first aid courses, are conducted by the trekking agency because the locals provide great help at the time of emergency.

Collaborating with numerous local groups has helped the company to a great extent in implementing donation events, cleanliness drives as well as rescue operations.

At the time of the trek, there are also several polite trekkers who help the villagers and create a great bond with them.

Taking care of everything

The company treats all the trekkers equally. All you need to do is share your summit goal and TrekupIndia is there to turn it into a reality.

Being a trekker, you don’t need to take any kind of pain for booking the vehicles to reach the base camps. Not only this, but you don’t need to get permits as well because all this will be done by a trekking company.

All the trekkers will also be guided regarding the trekking equipment and gears that need to be carried. In case, you don’t want to buy the equipment then you can also get it on rent from TrekupIndia.

More than a hiking company

You need to know that TrekupIndia is not only involved in organizing treks but also promotes eco-friendly practices at the same time.

By offering garbage bags and separating wet and dry wastes, decreasing the garbage, and cleaning the tracks, the trekkers have helped the company to become an eco-friendly organization.

By promoting Himalayan treks successfully, the company is also involved in building the hiking community. It has also introduced peak expeditions, stimulating and fascinating hikes, and opening winter treks along with great discounts.

The trekking agency is not only involved in promoting adventure sports but has also attained great knowledge of mountaineering as well as other adventure activities to entertain the trekkers in the best possible manner.

We Don’t say our trekkers say it

The company treats all the trekkers equally. All you need to do is share your summit goal and TrekupIndia is there to turn it into a reality.

Being a trekker, you don’t need to take any kind of pain for booking the vehicles to reach the base camps. Not only this, but you don’t need to get permits as well because all this will be done by a trekking company.

All the trekkers will also be guided regarding the trekking equipment and gears that need to be carried. In case, you don’t want to buy the equipment then you can also get it on rent from TrekupIndia.


“ It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

-By Sir Edmund Hillary

The main aim of our organisation is to make the dreams of trekkers come true. With this trekking company, you can dream of trekking to the most adventurous place in India. Every year the company organizes trek to exciting and fascinating places that are sure to give all the trekkers a great adventure.

Soon the company is going to expand its horizon towards the international. So, if you want to explore the best trekking places in India and have an unforgettable experience then TrekupIndia is waiting for you.

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Why Do You need to Choose Trekup India For the Best Trekking Experience?

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