Tips to overcome the extremely cold conditions in the Himalayas

Tips to overcome the extremely cold conditions in the Himalayas

With the winter season approaching, we want to share some valuable tips to overcome the extremely cold conditions in the Himalayas. Are there any tips that you find compelling? I’m referring to tips that go beyond the basic method of layering clothing for winter. Let me provide you with a few examples of the information that we utilize at Trekup India, and they are truly effective.

1. Maintain a Cozy Sleeping Environment with a Warm Water Bottle

I highly recommend keeping a warm water bottle inside your sleeping bag during winter trek excursions for unparalleled comfort. Its warmth will envelop you, providing a sense of security and relaxation. Position the bottle near your chest or between your thighs, and drift off to sleep. The water’s warmth will persist throughout the night, ensuring a peaceful slumber. As an added benefit, the water will have reached room temperature by morning, making it the perfect temperature for a refreshing drink. Just be sure to use a leak-proof water bottle to avoid any accidents.

2. Thermos on winter treks

It would be wise for all trekkers to bring a Thermos during the winter. A Thermos can be incredibly helpful, particularly when trekking with a group like Trekup India, as we provide warm ginger water in the mornings. Keeping this in your Thermos and drinking it throughout the day keeps you hydrated and encourages you to drink water more frequently.

3. Protect Your Neck from the Cold

Icy-cold winds can be exceptionally bothersome on the back of your neck, causing discomfort and making you feel chillier than the actual temperature. To avoid this, it’s essential to have a neck warmer or muffler as part of your winter attire. People from colder climates swear by the effectiveness of a good scarf or muffler in keeping them cozy during the cold months.

4. Maintain a Balanced Diet

During the winter months, it’s common to experience decreased appetite. However, it’s crucial to prioritize your daily meals, particularly dinner, to keep your digestive system functioning correctly. A nutritious meal will help maintain your body’s warmth. I’ve noticed that I feel the chill more intensely when I skimp on meals. I consume at least two rotis to combat this, significantly impacting my overall comfort. Be mindful of your food intake, as you’ll want to save some energy for the next day’s adventure.

5. Sleeping Bag

Trekup India uses self-customized sleeping bags made of high-standard fabric to meet the quality requirements, which provides cosy, comfortable sleep. Mountain experts taste our sleeping bags at high altitudes and can sustain up to -15 degrees temperature; they are portable bedding when you are on your adventure outdoors.