Peb Fort Trek


Trekup India doesn’t run this Trek any time in the year. It is, however, an amazing trek which you can do by your self or with the help of local guides.

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Peb Fort Trek

Experience the Peb Fort Trek, a fascinating trekking trip near Mumbai that takes you to Peb Fort, additionally referred to as Vikatgad. Found roughly 4 kilometres from Neral Railway Station, this trek is captivating throughout the gale period. As you make your means via a neighbourhood village and experience various waterfalls, you will certainly be immersed in the elegance of nature. The trek, set against the background of Matheran’s foothills, uses a range of amazing aspects such as climbing ladders, passing through rough spots, discovering old caverns, strolling along ridges, and appreciating pleasurable climates. For those interested, the Peb Fort Trek can be integrated with a check out to Matheran or encompassed Panorama Point. This trek is appropriate for newbies, and having a village guide or choosing a directed trip will certainly boost your general experience.

View Of The Striking Route to the Summit

Among the interesting facets of the citadel is its unique slim course. If you are rising from the North, you will certainly be required to overcome a fairly simple rough area to get to the top. Alternatively, if you have come close to the citadel from the Matheran side, a weak ladder, forgetting a deep valley, will certainly be the only point between you and the holy place. This offers the possibility to stroll along the lavish and environment-friendly Matheran Valley. Matheran flaunts a wide array of plant and animal life, and the downpour period offers the ideal possibility to submerse oneself in this all-natural elegance. Incorporating a wonderful stroll along the Matheran Valley with the Peb Fort trek includes an added layer of appeal to this experience.


The spectacular view of the Matheran array unravels from the capital’s top, supplying a 360-degree scenic view of the bordering landscape. This perspective is better improved by a holy place devoted to Swami Samarth, located atop the fort. While the landscapes are exciting, be planned for some naughty apes who might attempt to swipe the program. Yet do not let them hinder you – the sight is well worth enduring their shenanigans.


Discovering the stunning Matheran valley throughout the stormy period offers a possibility to value its abundant plant and animal life. This becomes much more luring when incorporated with a wonderful stroll and the Peb Fort trek.

Peb Fort: A Treasure Trove of History and Natural Beauty

Found in the heart of the Sahyadri range of mountains, Peb Fort is a remarkable archaeological site that takes a glance right into the abundant social heritage of Maharashtra. The fort obtained its name from the adored Goddess Pebi, whose temple is positioned at the base of the fort. The fort’s fabled past is linked with the epic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who is stated to have used the caverns within the fort as granaries to keep grains.

The fort’s cavern system is presently occupied by devotees of Swami Samarth, a distinguished saint who has added considerably to the maintenance and upkeep of the fort. These committed fans have contributed to maintaining the solemnity and appeal of the Peb Fort for the past years. The cavern facility takes pride in reflection chambers that come just via a slim crawl space, and 2 of these chambers are loaded with water throughout the downpour period.

The top of the fort supplies impressive sights of the bordering landscape, with the stronghold being the crown gem of the fort. The stronghold deals with the impressive Matheran chain of mountains, and the ridgeline attaching Matheran and Peb uses a spectacular viewpoint. On a clear day, we were getting on cloud nine.

The fort’s holy place devoted to a neighbourhood divine being is one more considerable tourist attraction, with a huge tank nearby. The adherents of Swami Samarth remain in the procedure of creating a gorgeous holy place right here, making it a suitable area for spiritual hunters and nature enthusiasts. The attractive waterfall en route to the fort is an included perk, and the bordering landscapes throughout the Gale period are absolutely nothing except magnificent.

From the cavern, you can identify the imposing peaks of Navara-Navari, Bhatoba, and Irshalgad Fort, along with Chanderi Fort, Prabalgad Fort, Kalavantin Durg, Malanggad, and Nakhind Ridge. The trekking experience to Peb Fort is delightful throughout the year, making it an excellent location for nature lovers and background aficionados.

“Get all set for an interesting journey at Peb Fort, situated at an elevation of 2100 feet over water level in the Raigad area! This hill fort supplies a tool for a high-risk trekking experience, yet the impressive sight from the top is well worth the initiative. The distinct place of capital supplies a 360-degree sight of the sensational Matheran array. Furthermore, a holy place has actually been developed, which is thought to house the impacts of Swami Samarth. Yet beware of the naughty apes that occupy the location. If you’re taking on sufficient, you’ll be awarded with a magnificent scenic sight.”

Detailed Trail Itinerary Of The Peb Fort Trek

The Peb Fort provides a one-day trek choice; however, it is additionally feasible to do an outdoor camping trek by remaining overnight in the cavern or establishing outdoor tents on the southerly stronghold. We have supplied an option for the major courses to arrive at Peb Fort, in addition to a recommended itinerary for every alternative:

  1. Beginning with Panvel, trek with Maldunge to get to Peb Fort.
  2. Start from Neral and comply with the route via Anandwadi to get to Peb Fort.
  3. From Neral, take the course significant NM 134; after that, remain to NM 157 before getting to Peb Fort.
  4. Beginning at Vaghachi Wadi and trek to Peb Fort.
  5. Begin at Vangani, travel through Nakhind, and remain at Peb Fort before getting to Matheran.

How To Reach Starting Point Or Base Camp Of The Peb Fort Trek

To reach the starting point of the trek, you have a couple of transport alternatives. The closest global and residential flight terminals are the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and the Pune International Airport in Pune. If you choose to pass by train, the nearby significant railhead is Neral, which is well attached by roadways to Mumbai, Panvel, Pune, and Nashik. If you are driving your car, you can use the given web link to establish navigation in Google Maps for the Peb Fort. Additionally, if you intend to use public transportation, you can follow this route from the Mumbai International Airport: Airport Road Metro terminal → Ghatkopar train terminal (Central Railway) → Neral train terminal.

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