Mahindra Peak Trek


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Mahindra Peak Trek

Located in the Eastern Ghats mountain range, Mahindra Peak stands tall as one of the loftiest summits, soaring to an impressive height of 5,315 feet above sea level. Located at the foundation of Sunkarametta Baptist church, one of the most ancient churches in that area, this architectural masterpiece was constructed in the Gothic style, with no sand utilized in its building process. British individuals built the church between 1936 and 1939 who strongly believed in their forthcoming triumph in World War II. The trek to Mahindra Peak is relatively uncharted, lacking a clearly defined path. Without a GPS file or the guidance of a local expert, navigating the terrain can be challenging. As you hike along the trail, you will encounter mango trees and coffee plantations. The trek is made more difficult by the presence of large bushes along the path.

Best Time for Mahindra Peak Trek

The optimal time to embark on the Mahindra Peak Trek is from August to January when the eastern ghats are adorned with vibrant greenery. During this period, you can enjoy a refreshing experience with unobstructed views from the summit. The trail becomes precarious during the peak monsoon season, with slippery terrain and strong winds at the top, making it unsuitable for trekking. Additionally, the scorching temperatures during the summer months can significantly diminish the enjoyment of the trek.

Highlights of Mahindra Peak Trek

The Kona Thalai Vasal ascent is renowned as the most challenging segment of the trek. Simultaneously, it provides the most thrilling part of the journey. Kona Thalai Vasal provides a high trail formed like the letter Z, extending approximately 1 kilometer. Ascending this path, characterized by uneven rocks and covered by thick forest, with a flowing stream on your left, undoubtedly offers an extraordinary and exhilarating experience.

Sathuragiri Hill is a habitat for diverse and rich animals. It is recognized as an essential bird area, given that it lies inside the Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary. Around 275 species of avifauna are recorded here, including 14 endemic types.
You might witness various birds and flowering plants throughout the trail and discover several rare organic plants.

The Sathuragiri endpoint is located in an anxiety surrounded by densely covered forests of the Western Ghats. Seeing such rich plants surrounding you from all sides will be wondrous.

Mahindra Peak Trek Detailed Trail Information

The Mahindra peak trek commences at Sunkarametta village. Upon reaching the church, walk through the town for approximately 300 meters until you reach a sharp bend to the right. The trek starts from the path on your left-hand side. As the base village stands at an elevation of 4,326 ft, you will have a scenic view of the vibrant green fields and neighbouring towns below while passing through Sunkarametta village. 

The trail leading to the stream is easy to follow. Roughly 300 stone steps lead to a small hut near the stream. Along the way, you will pass by expansive mango trees and coffee plantations. It takes roughly 15 minutes to reach the stream. Before the stream, you will also come across a small hut built by the villagers. This stream serves as the final water source and will have water available all year round. Be sure to fill your water bottle here.

The path becomes increasingly steep and slippery as you continue from the stream, particularly during the monsoon season. You’ll encounter a challenging rocky patch that requires careful climbing, with a rope provided for safety measures, especially for inexperienced trekkers. 

Beyond this section, the trail narrows and winds through dense vegetation, making you lose quickly if you’re not following a guide or established path. Watch for sharp palm leaves as you continue on the trail, which features an unusual abundance of short palm trees. The final climb leads to a spacious meadow with a picturesque view of the Araku Valley, between a valley and a hill.

After a moderate hike of approximately 75 minutes, you finally reach a picturesque meadow nestled among several rolling hills. This vast expanse of emerald green grass stretches as far as the eye can see, with the majestic Mahindra peak serving as a stunning backdrop. As you traverse the meadow, you’ll experience a sense of serenity, thanks to the soothing cool breeze and the breathtaking views of the surrounding hills against the endless blue sky.

As you venture forth from the meadow, the majestic Mahindra peak looms in the distance, beckoning you to explore its grandeur. A connecting ridge leads the way to the summit, offering breathtaking views of the Galikonda Valley on the left and the Araku Valley on the right. Don’t forget to capture these unforgettable moments on camera. After a gradual 800-meter ascent, you’ll finally reach the pinnacle of the Mahindra peak. Be cautious, as deep valleys and strong winds surround the top. 

Take time to relish the panoramic view of the lush green valley, basking in the cool breeze. Retrace your steps carefully when descending, minding the steep sections that can be slippery. Your return journey to Sunkarametta village will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

How to Reach For Mahindra Peak Trek

To arrive at the starting point of the Mahindra Peak trek, you can use public transportation or drive to Sunkarametta village, near the picturesque Araku Valley.

To get to the starting point with your own vehicle, you can take the wide roads in Sunkarametta village. Begin by taking the Araku-Visakhapatnam road from Visakhapatnam. The road will be straight until you reach Shivalingapuram. After that, the road becomes winding and full of sharp curves, to Sunkarametta village. It usually takes about 4 hours to travel the 100 km distance.

To arrive at the initial location using public transportation, you can take a bus from Visakhapatnam to Sunkarametta village, which is connected to Araku Valley. Once you reach Sunkarametta village, the starting point of the trek is just a short walk from the bus stop. Alternatively, you can take a train from Visakhapatnam to Shimilguda or Karakavalasa and catch an auto-rickshaw to reach the trek’s starting point.

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