Kalavantin Durg Trek

Kalavantin Durg Trek
Region: Panvel, Maharashtra
Duration: 1 Day
Trek grade: Moderate
Maximum altitude: 2,300 ft
Best Time for Treks: July – March

Trekkers love Kalavantin Durg’s 2,250ft summit. It is located in Maharashtra, near the Prabalgad Fort. The mountain is also known as Kalavantinicha Suulka, Kelve Teen and Kalavantin Pinnacle. It is one of India’s most difficult climbs. Kalawantin is another name for the mountain, as well as the alternative transliteration Kalavanti.

How to get there: The trek begins in Prabalmachi (a small village about 2 km from Thakurvadi). You will pass through the village before reaching the base of the forts via a narrow trail. You will find several rest stops along the route, including swings and chai. You will find a campsite and a homestay once you reach the base village. Here is where the Kalavantin Durg trek diverges.

The main attraction of this trek is the climb to Kalavantindurg’s pinnacle. The majority of the day will be spent outside, so take your time and be careful. You will be able to climb the steep and slippery slopes using the zigzag staircase. A guide is recommended for those who have experience with trekking. From the summit, you can enjoy stunning views of Prabalgad.

The trail continues upward but can be dangerous at times. The final climb to the pinnacle’s top is very dizzying. The steps that lead down to the waterfalls and rocky terrain are both very exciting and dangerous. Although the trek can be completed in one day by most people, it is not difficult. However, you should exercise caution and be safe. The top offers a stunning view and breathtaking scenery.

The Kalavantin Durg Trek officially starts at the base from the parking lot. Many hikers finish their trek at the check point, located at the summit of the mountain. The Kalavantin peak, a V-shaped mountain, can be seen from the base. It overlooks Prabalgad which is a charming town. This is a stunning view, and you’ll be amazed at the distance you can see from this point.

The Kalavantin Durg trek will be unforgettable, whether you’re looking to hike for hours or simply enjoy the stunning views from the top. The V-shaped shape of the fort can be easily identified on the Mumbai-Pune Highway. You can see the fortress from the hillside as it is situated in the middle of a valley. It is a picturesque spot with a lot of natural beauty.

The moderately strenuous Kalavantin Durg Trek takes you through the Sahyadri mountains. The hike starts in Thakurwadi, and ends at Prabalgad Fort. It is a steep climb, with many zigzag steps. There are no guardrails or ropes. There will be many waterfalls along the route, but you should be cautious of landslides.

The trek starts in Thakurwadi, and ends at Prabalgad Fort. You will spend the night in tents at the col between Kalavantin & Prabalgad as the trail climbs steeply. You can also enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains from this path, which is open all year. The trek is difficult and you need to arrive early in order to avoid crowds.

Trekkers should also visit the Kalavantin Durg Fort. It is situated at an elevation of almost 1400 feet. This is a beautiful spot that should not be missed when you visit Maharashtra. This area of India is ideal for romantic getaways for both men and ladies. The fort is an adventure that’s worth the effort.

The Kalavantin Durg Trek starts at Thakurwadi village which is approximately two hours drive from Panvel. You will then reach Prabalmachi village on the Prabal plateau. If you want to buy snacks, you can stop here for lunch. You can take a break for lunch and walk up to Kalavantin Durg Fort, which is known as ‘climbing to heaven’.

What you will like about Trek

The Plateau of Prabalmachi

The Plateau of Prabalmachi, a mountain at 2,250 feet high, is located near Maharashtra’s Raigad Fort. Other names for the mountain include Kalavantinicha Suulka, Kelve Teen and Kalavantin Pinnacle. Kalawantin, Kanavanti and other transliterations may also be used. It is an amazing trek with breathtaking views.

This trek is a popular choice for trekking in Maharashtra. Unobstructed views of surrounding countryside can be enjoyed from the Prabalgad plateau. Its peak, which is over a thousand feet higher then Prabalgad Durg, can be seen from Lion Heads Point in Matheran. You can choose from two routes to reach the top of this hill. Both offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Because it is close to Mumbai, the plateau is the ideal location for this trek. To get the best out of this trek, it is a good idea combine it with the Prabalgad and Prabalmachi Plateau. Both treks are worth it. The valley is home to a fort and dense forests, as well as rich history. This is a wonderful experience for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Trekkers can take a break after the hard climb to the top and relax by taking in the breathtaking views. Although there is plenty of water to wash off, you will still need to bring enough food and water.

Up hill climb to the pinnacle through Vertical stairway

The Kalavantin Durg Trek becomes more difficult as you approach the rock pinnacle itself. It is recommended for experienced trekkers.

The trail becomes steeper as you make your way upwards. It is very vertigo-inducing, especially if you haven’t done it before. During the trek, you’ll encounter rocky patches and waterfalls flowing down the steps. Fortunately, you’ll reach the top of the Kalavantin Durg — the highest point on the entire trail. After a long hike, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and forest.

There are zigzag stairs and scree sections throughout the route. There are no ropes or guard rails to keep you safe.

Climbing through Prabalgad

Climbing to Prabalgad can be a difficult trek. One section is classified as extremely difficult. It is relatively safe and provides excellent views. Although the final leg is longer and more challenging, you can still expect to climb a steep hill. Despite the steep terrain the views are well worth it.

The rock-cut staircase is the most difficult part of the trek. You can’t climb the steps without using your hands. There are no safety rails because the rock is wedged between a deep valley, and a mountain. It is possible to fall down the stairs and cause serious injury. It is highly recommended that you travel with experienced hikers.

You will start the route by walking through Thakurwadi (a village with a fort). It is then a three-hour hike up the rock face, following zigzag steps. You’ll be rewarded by breathtaking views of Panvel’s surrounding mountain ranges as you make your way up.

A Guide To Do Kalavantin Durg Trek

Thakurwadi is the starting point of the trail. This small village has a few hutments. The village is 3km away. There will be steep steps and a 60-degree ascent. This trail is not for the weak-hearted but will reward you with stunning views of the Alps.

It is difficult to hike the trek from Thakurwadi up to the Pinnacle at Kalavantin. There are many sections with one section being considered difficult. The first section takes you to the Prabhalmachi plateau. It then leads through the mountain’s rocky areas. The most difficult part leads to Kalavantin’s pinnacle.

Trekkers looking to climb the mountain’s highest peak, Kalavantin, is a popular base village. It is located at 2250 feet above sea level and contains some of the most dangerous forts in the world. King Prabalgad built the fort in the 15th century. The fort is now a popular tourist attraction.

Moderate difficulty is required to reach the Pinnacle at Kalavantin. The trail is not required to be climbed with permission, unlike other mountain trails. The trekkers and the villager pay a small fee to the local committee. The trek starts with the payment of the fee. You will also need to buy food and water.

Although the route is flat with few obstacles, beginners should bring water and a hat. This trek is the most difficult in the Western Ghats.

The mountainside is covered in grass and trees of moderate height. You’ll find a small hotel and camping space once you reach the plateau. The Prabalgad Fort is located at the top. Here you will find the Prabalmachi plateau and the fort. The entire Panvel district can be seen from the top of this ridge.

If you’re trekking in monsoon, you will also need a water filter as well as a sheet for your electronic devices. A water purification tablet is also recommended. The whole journey takes approximately two hours. The route will take you through a small, muddy area. The Pinnacle can be reached via a stone-paved path. It’s not an easy walk through the small forest.

You will find scree and zigzag staircases on the climb up the mountain. The views from the summit are spectacular, even though there aren’t guard rails or ropes. While you are there, you can also see a waterfall. This is a strenuous trek that will not be easy for anyone. Safety is guaranteed by a headlamp.

How to Reach Thakurwadi, Maharashtra from Panvel railway station?

You can take a train from Mumbai or Panvel to visit the Prabalmachi Fort. You can then take a shared Rickshaw, or walk for approximately an hour. The route to Thakurwadi is straightforward and well connected. Thakurwadi train fare is Rs. 65.

After you get off the train at Panvel you can either take a shared taxi to the village or a state transport bus. There is also an option to take a bus from Panvel’s main bus station. From Panvel to Thakurwadi, the trip takes approximately two hours. A rickshaw can be hired in the town. It takes approximately one hour to get from Thakurwadi. The village is 42km from Panvel railway station.

It is located 115km from Dombivali. To reach the village, you can either take a rickshaw (or a bus) from the railway station. Parking is available in the village’s base village. However, it is quite expensive. You can also rent bikes from several websites.

Best Time To Visit Kalavantin Durg Trek

Nearly 2300 feet high, Kalavantin Durg is a fortress in Maharashtra. It can be found in the western Ghats of Mumbai. Kalavantin Durg can be reached via a 1-day trek. The hike involves steep climbs on narrow steps and steep slopes without support. Panorama views are rewarded by the steep climb to the fortress.

Kalavantin Durg’s dry season is the best time to visit. Kalavantin Durg is not recommended to be visited during the peak monsoon season. It is extremely hot and humid. Kalavantin is best visited in November or April. Trekkers should be aware that the peak monsoon season can be dangerous, but you can still enjoy the views.