Emergency Oxygen Cylinder Use on Trek: Essential Tips

How To Use Oxygen Cylinder On Trek If There Is An Emergency

Oxygen cylinders are very helpful for people experiencing breathing problems during a trek, whether at high altitudes or simply hiking. An oxygen cylinder stores and supplies oxygen to a person in need. It is very important to know how to use oxygen cylinders. Operating an oxygen cylinder is difficult for a person who does not know. That is why we provide a few simple points to help you understand how to operate oxygen cylinders.

  1. Know which type of oxygen cylinder you are going to use.
  2. Ensure the regulator is turned off; rotate the knob counterclockwise to the “0” position.
  3. Keep your safety in mind. Do not be directly in front of or behind the regulator when opening the cylinder valve.
  4. Next, slowly turn the cylinder valve on by rotating the knob counterclockwise for about one full turn.
  5. Turning the knob clockwise allows you to adjust the flow rate until the desired setting appears.
  6. A full cylinder should be exchanged if the pressure falls below 300 PSI.
  7. Once you have used the cylinder, you need to turn off the system, which you can do by closing the cylinder valve. As soon as the regulator is set to the “0” position, oxygen must flow out of the regulator.
  8. Never try to remove the regulator unless the cylinder is off and the pressure has been relieved.

Note: While trying to open the cylinder, you hear a hissing sound, which means there is a leak in the system. To relieve any built-up pressure, turn off the cylinder and turn on the regulator. The regulator should be tightened to the cylinder, and the cylinder should be opened again after tightening. If that does not help, shut the system down again and contact a service representative. It would be best if you never attempted to repair a regulator or cylinder alone.

Oxygen Regulator

Oxygen Regulator

There are two types of oxygen regulators used by Trekup India, one CGA 870 and the other CGA 540. CGA 870 is an old version we do not use now, and we currently have CGA 540. Below, we have provided steps to set up CGA 540.

  1. Be sure to purge the valve seat of your cylinder following the instructions provided by your gas supplier.
  2. Check the regulator for oil and grease; don’t use the regulator if you see these.
  3. Gently thread the large nut upon connecting the cylinder valve to the regulator.
  4. Tighten the nut with a wrench till closely fitting.
  5. Attach the oxygen supply tubing to the outlet connection of the regulator.

Oxygen Flow Control Regulator

An oxygen flow regulator is a pressure-reducing device that reduces the pressure of oxygen from a cylinder to a level safe for end-user use. Oxygen flow regulators are designed to deliver oxygen levels to improve breathing.