How To Lift Backpack

lifting bagpack

We are always prone to solving more complex problems, while ignoring smaller ones. Invariably, bigger problems result from small errors. No matter how well the backpack’s packing or how strong you may be making a small error when loading a backpack onto your back can result in injuries. There are numerous instances that a person is injured by hand twists, unexpected muscle pull, or spinal injury, due to the fact that the backpack was not properly placed upon the back. Most people take the bag off and immediately spin it around the back. This causes the backpack to swing , and the muscle pull. The wrong way to lift it one or two times may not cause any harm, but if repeated frequently, it can have negative consequences. Thus, correctly lifting the backpack is crucial to be an experienced hiker.

Here’s the right way to load your backpack.Firstly make sure that you keep your backpack upright on the ground. With the loop in place and a shoulder strap, pull it up and place it on your thighs. Slowly raise the backpack and keep it in place on your back. Bend your hip and place the backpack on your back. After that, slowly slide your hand toward the shoulder straps. Close the hip belt, then stand up. Look for loose shoulder straps or straps that are pointing backwards. Be sure that the straps at the bottom aren’t dangling or snug. Then, you’re all ready to go.



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