Bhimashankar Trek

Bhimashankar Trek
Region: Maharashtra
Duration: 2 Day
Trek grade: Moderate
Maximum altitude: 3,050 ft
Best Time to Visit: August to March

Bhimashankar trek A high-adventure weekend trek close to Pune

It is the Bhimashankar trekking trail is delight for nature lovers. It leads you into the center of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary through dense forests. The Bhimashankar trek offers you an entire dose of adventure, with ladders, stream crossings and rock climbing all in one trip

Although monsoon is the most ideal time to go on this hike, the route could be completed at other times of the year. The trek is beautiful and exciting. People who are comfortable with trekking can trek through the Bhimashankar through the Shidi Ghat. For beginners we suggest taking the Ganesh Ghat route with stunning views and is also easier.

In the forest you’ll find a wide variety of langurs, birds, and even spotted deer to keep you company. If you’re lucky enough, you may be lucky enough to spot one of the’shekar’s’ or malabar giant squirrel. The most enjoyable part of the hike is the way that leads to Gupt Bhimashankar, located in the middle an unnamed stream, under the rock.

About Bhimashankar Trek

  • Altitude: 3,050 ft
  • Time required: 3.5 hours via Shidi Ghat (ladder) and 4 hours via Ganesh Ghat. Two hours for descent.
  • Trek gradient: Moderate- Difficult
  • Sources of water:None. Cary 3 to 5 liters of water. In monsoon, it is possible to fill up your water bottles using seasonal streams.

Khandas is the village of the base that is the starting point for Bhimashankar. Bhimashankar trek. Just 500 m after passing through Khandas village, you’ll find a tiny bridge that is located at a T-junction. The left-hand side will lead directly to Shidi Ghat while the one on the right will lead to Ganesh Ghat. Ganesh Ghat walkway.

Ascent via Shidi Ghat:

The first 20 minutes following the T-junction is a simple walk. It takes approximately 20 minutes. After you cross this stream path goes uphill for around 40 minutes, until you arrive at your first step. When you reach to the top of that ladder it’s not long before you get to the next. A cave can be found to the left of the second one where you can sit and relax for a few minutes. The cave offers spectacular panoramas of the valley.

Just after crossing the ladder 3, you will come across an area of massive rock formations. You must be very cautious when crossing this area. While not required ropes are useful in this section. Following that section of trail, it links the trail that starts directly from Ganesh ghat. This is the halfway point. There are a few huts at which locals offer refreshments.

Ascent via Ganesh Ghat:

The trail winds through dense vegetation during the first one hour following the T-junction. It’s a gradual climb. After about an hour, this trail opens up into meadow. After about 30 minutes of climbing into the meadows, the trail is surrounded by a dense forest. The forest eventually joins with the Shidi Ghat path.

How to Reach Gupt Bhimashankar:

The path that leads to Gupt Bhimashankar begins to the right of the temple (SBI ATM). Walk following the stream that is to the left of Bhimashankar temple. Bhimashankar temple. Within 100m you will be in the dense forest. There are arrows that show the route.

After 1km after 1 km, the trail splits. One section crosses straight through a stream while another is in a parallel direction to it. Both take you towards Gupt Bhimashankar. The first takes you through Sakshi Vinayak temple on the route.

Descent via Ganesh Ghat:

The descent route follows the identical to the ascent until the halfway point, when the routes of Ganesh Ghat and Shidi Ghat meet. The point at which the two routes meet is well-marked. There are huts near to the junction. You can take a path to the left after you have crossed the shelters.
The trail winds through dense meadows and forest. It is possible to see Ganesh Mandir for about 20 minutes prior to you complete the descent. A well-constructed tar road starts from the moment you arrive at the bottom.
Take the road for about 500m until you arrive at the T-junction from which you came from. Autos and jeeps shared with other travelers are readily available to take you to Neral/Karjat.

The closest railway station

  1. Neral ~ 29 kms
  2. Karjat ~ 30 kms