Bhadraj Hill Trek

Bhadraj Hill Trek
Duration:2 Day
Trek grade:Easy
Maximum altitude:8,038 ft
Best Time to Visit:Monsoon, Autumn & Winter

Bhadraj Hill Trek

Bhadraj Hill Trek is a moderate, well-balanced, and easy trek for novices. One of the most enjoyable weekends in Mussoorie It can be completed in just one and a half days. The path from Dudhli Village is called Milkman’s Trail since it serves to in supplying dairy products to Mussoorie town each day. You’ll likely be jealous at this “milkman” considering he gets to begin his day on the most beautiful note. Along the ridge, Gangetic plains incline downwards on either side as Himalayan ranges sway on the horizon.

Escape the summer heat of Delhi by taking this hill station trek that lasts for two days

    • It is impossible to beat the amazing sensation of walking through the hills of a hill-station. Particularly, in the foothills that make up the Himalayas.
    • A walk on the outskirts Mussoorie through lush oak forests with a mild sun and a refreshing breeze is as romantic as it sounds.

Along the way mountains are laid out all around you, glaring at the front and then fade into a blue-grey mist towards the edge.