Bashal Peak Trek

Bashal Peak Trek
Region: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 1 Day
Trek grade: Easy
Maximum altitude: 12,200 ft
Best Time to Visit: May-June, September-October

Bashal Peak trek gives another glimpse from the Himalayas. Its panoramic camera and being continuously accompanied by Sutlej river makes this hike even more stunning. Nature is in its best form with the snow-capped mountain ranges partially snowed in and the lush green grasslands. In the course there are many stunning spots to make a stop to capture some gorgeous moments. All trekkers are able to do this hike without any difficulties. Bashal Peak Trek gives a stunning views of the Himalayas starting from Churdhar Peak and has a mysterious attraction. The attraction cannot be overlooked!

Alternative TrekupIndia treks you can do

Bashal Peak is a great hike to take. However, the walk isn’t long enough. In the event that you’ve put in so much effort into going to the Himalayas, you may be tempted to stay for an extra night or two. You don’t get to spend time watching the sunrise or sunset. It’s difficult to keep up the camaraderie chat with fellow trekkers. We offer a couple of TrekupIndia treks which are great alternatives in lieu of Bashal Peak. They’re longer by one couple of days, but you’ll be able to complete the hikes at a more comfortable pace.

Deoban is an ideal weekend hike to take If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. The trek begins in Lokhandi which is a two an hour journey from Dehradun. This makes it easy to access via New Delhi. The best part of the hike are the views that it affords. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able see fifty-five mountains at the summit spot of the trekincluding Nanda Devi The highest mountain in India. It is a rare treat to the eye. It’s difficult to see such views during a seven-day hike, let alone an entire two-day trek! If you have a few days left, Beas Kund is another excellent alternative. The place to begin this trek can be found in Solang which is only an hour’s drive from Manali. It is therefore very accessible. If you’re just beginning this is the ideal hike with stunning views of the biggest mountains in Manali. Furthermore, you can be right at the bottom of the Pir Panjal Range.