Amedikallu Peak Trek

Amedikallu Peak Trek

Region: Karnataka
Duration: 1 Day
Trek grade: Moderate
Maximum altitude: 4032 ft
Best Time to Visit: November – January

Amedikallu Peak Trek is a must for all trekkers. The name Amedikallu is derived from two words – ‘abundance’ and ‘desire’. This mountain in the Charmadi range of western ghats is considered the toughest climb in Karnataka. It is located around 350 kms from Bangalore and near the village of Dharmastala.

The name Amedikallu derives from a combination of the Tulu and Kannada languages. The name means ‘stove’. The peak’s three peaks are shaped like a tortoise. Because of its difficult terrain and lack of water resources, the Amedikallu Peak Trek is one of the toughest in South India. However, it is very popular and often trekked because of the breathtaking views.

The Amedikallu Peak is a significant peak in the Charmadi range of mountains in southern India. The name ‘Amedikallu’ comes from the words ‘Ame’ – turtle – and ‘dikkel’ – stove. This is because of the massive monolith at the top that resembles a stove. The trek is strenuous, as you must climb up and down through dense forests. There are no trees or streams in the area.

The Amedikallu Peak Trek is a challenging climb, and it is not recommended for beginners. You can climb it without a guide but it is advisable to have a guide. Having a guide will help you avoid any mishaps and will be aware of where to find fresh water. This mountain is a 6-8-hour trek for the average person, but can be spread over two days to allow more time for rest.

Taking a 4-5-hour detour from the main trail, you can reach the summit of Amedikallu Peak in about six hours. The final stretch of the trek is about 25 meters below the peak, and you will have to cross a large stream to reach it. The hike is strenuous and requires an experienced trekking companion to help you navigate the route. If you are a serious hiker, this is a must-do trip.

Amedikallu Peak is a trek that takes at least six hours. The peak is located at 1,229 metres and is a steep, narrow mountain. You should be in excellent physical shape to tackle this trek. You should be prepared for the weather changes as you climb. This mountain is located near the town of Dharmasthala. The Amedikallu peak is the highest point in Karnataka.

To reach the top of Amedikallu, you must walk for six hours, but if you’re a more experienced hiker, you can also opt for a short diversion to Ethina Buja. This route will take you into the shola forest of the Charmadi range. There’s a small detour, but you can get to the peak of Amedikallu in a day.

This mountain is the toughest peak in Karnataka and one of the most popular in the Charmadi range. Amedikallu is an important peak of the Charmadi mountain range, and is a two-day trek in Karnataka. It is an incredibly rewarding experience, but is not for everyone. It’s an ideal way to see the stunning landscape of the region.

Amedikallu Peak is a significant peak in the Charmadi range. The name comes from the words ‘ame’ – turtle – and “dikkel’ – a stove. The peak looks like a tortoise, and the three stones resemble a stove. Amedikallu Peak Trek is considered one of the toughest treks in Karnataka, though it is definitely worth it for its incredible scenery.

Amedikallu is accessible from the town of Shishila, about 350 km from Bangalore. The trail starts at the Shishila bus stop, which is located about 15 km from the town of Dharmasthala. There are also several bus services to Kokkada. Amedikallu is accessible by road from Dharmasthala. Amedikallu is a popular destination for a one-day trek in South India.

Amedikallu is a lesser known trekking trail in Karnataka, but it is an excellent trek for the adventurous. Amedikallu begins with a bamboo forest trail that eventually leads to a water stream. After a brief period in the thick forest, the trek continues along a grassy plateau until the rocky peak is reached. The descent is steep and will take about six hours.

Amedikallu Trek Guide:

Amedikallu is an amalgamation of two words “Ame,” which means tortoise in Kannada as well as “dikallu,” which means stove in Tulu. The crest of this hill is shaped like a tortoise and the three stones that surround it have been designed to resemble a stove

The trek begins in the town of Shishala close to Dharmasthala. It takes between 6 and 8 hours to hike all the way to the top of Amedikallu situated at an elevation of 1,229 m. The hike to Amedikallu is ideal when it is spread across two consecutive days.

    How to go about the hike:
  • Duration of the trek: 6-8 hours
  • Trek difficulty Moderate

The initial two hours of the hike are relaxing, and through the forest. Within an hour, the hiker will encounter a stream that is the only source of water till you get to the top. You can fill your bottles up here. The trail narrows after a few minutes as the forest gets thicker, and the climb becomes is steeper. There is a variety of bamboo and mushrooms throughout the trail. However, the cover of forest is not a match to the humid and hot conditions. After a short time, the trail becomes grassland. From there, you will get the first view of Amedikallu.