Ahupe Ghat Trek

Ahupe Ghat Trek

The Ahupe Ghat is an unrivaled trek in Maharashtra that offers stunning views of the Konkan Valley and surrounding mountains. Its steep trail winds through the verdant greenery of the Sahyadris and is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides. Located in the south-western state of Maharashtra, the Ahupe plateau is an enchanting spot for trekking.

To begin the Ahupe Ghat Trek, trekkers must arrive at the base camp at 5:30 a.m. Then they should get ready for the hike. The ghat is surrounded by misty clouds and tiny waterfalls. The lush green flora is truly breathtaking. After the initial ascent, the scenery opens up to a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and lush green valley. The Ahupe Plateau is a picturesque location for a day trip.

This day trip begins in Khopivali and ends in the Ahupe Village in the Ghats. The trail winds through forests and streams before reaching the base of the ghat. From here, the climb is quite steep. After that, the hike will lead you to the picturesque Ahupe Plateau. Once you reach the peak, you will be awestruck by the clear view of the Ahupe Ghat and its surroundings. You will come across countless waterfalls, streams, as well as the majestic Twin Mountains.

The Ahupe Ghat trek starts with a walk through streams and fields. It ends with a steep climb to the summit. The hike to the peak is very scenic. The landscape of the plateau is a mix of mountains and valleys. The trail goes through a variety of landscapes, including lush greenery and waterfalls. During the early mornings, it’s easy to see the Twin Mountains framed by clouds.

The Ahupe Ghat trek is a great way to experience the breathtaking views of the Maharashtra countryside. You’ll have the chance to see the mighty mountains and the tiniest waterfalls. It’s a spectacular experience that will leave you wanting to return. The beautiful scenery will not disappoint. Aside from the wonderful scenery, you’ll also get a satisfying and healthy meal at the end of the trek.

The Ahupe Ghat is an amazing trek that leads to a tiny village in the mountains. The route is a vertical drop into the Konkan and has many narrow gorges. You’ll be able to take pictures of the beautiful scenery and the beautiful mountains. To make the most of the experience, start the trek early in the morning from Khopivali village. Enjoy a cup of chai and fresh fruit while you’re hiking through the gorges.

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