Why Sustainable Trekking Needs To Be Focused

Why sustainable trekking needs to be focused

As the name suggests, the word sustainable is using natural resources in a way that does not harm the environment. This way, sustainability will help us retain our resources for extended periods.


We are the direct consumer of all resources. Today all our resources are depleting.

The Himalayas provide us with many natural resources, and it is also one of the hot spots for the trekking community.


Himalayas consist of mainly three sections Lesser Himalayas, greater Himalayas and Trans Himalayas.


Trekking is mainly done in the lesser and Trans Himalayas in Leh Region.

People all across the globe are attracted to the beauty of the Himalayas, which is badly affecting the Himalayan region and has become a matter of great concern.


That is why we came up with an idea for sustainable use of resources provided to us by the Himalayas while trekking.

Why Sustainable Trekking Needs To Be Focused

Always maintain the decorum of nature while trekking, as excess noise, will disturb the nearby animal.


Burning wood in the jungle badly affects nature as it creates pollution and promotes afforestation, which should always be avoided. Always follow the trekking train and never move any off route.

save the trail bag

Avoid using plastic rappers

Always use a Kiwi bag for throwing a toffee wrapper. Never throw this toffee rapper in the trail. Plastic has already become a threat to nature. This plastic never decomposes in nature.

As you kanow Trekup India being  conscious towards environment, we provide SAVE THE TRAIL BAGS to each one of our trekkers, so that no dirt’s are spread and you carry back your own garbage to dump at designated area in Trekup India campsites.

save the trail

Team Trekup India has Collected 462 Kgs of plastic waste from Kedarkantha Trek in 2021 Season

Be a responsible Trekker

A responsible trekker is a person who is an eco freak, which means he always takes the initiative to help nature and fellow trekkers by motivating them to become environmentally friendly.


Never pollute the river

River is the only source of water in the mountain, and River water is used for drinking and various other things. Never pollute the river by throwing garbage and waste food in the river. Polluted river create a threat to flora and fauna.

Promote and respect Himalayan culture

Treking help trekker to explore the Himalayan culture, Their traditional food. Trekking help person to know how people in the mountain survive even with such harsh conditions.


culture of sankari