Bheemana Kindi Trek

Bheemana Kindi Trek
Region: Delhi
Duration: 1 Day
Trek grade: Easy
Maximum altitude: 3,412 ft
Best Time to Visit: October to February

Bheemana Kindi Trek

Bheemana Kindi trek happens to be among the less well-known treks in Bangalore. Although it’s near the famed Kabbala Durga, few are aware of Bheemana Kindi trek. Bheemana Kindi trekking route.

The trek starts at a village known as Kanchana Halli near Kabbala village. The entire area is part of Kabbala state forest. Kabbala forests of the state. Filled with fascinating historical tales There is a legend that says that, while Kunti was providing food to Bheema when she was lost, she lost her way in the woods. To save Bheema, Bheema hit the topmost mountain with his mace, and made an entrance through the arch to meet his mother. Geologists believe the arch formed by erosion and weathering.

At the summit of the hill is the Bheemana Kindi Basaveshwara Temple. Villagers offer prayers on Fridays and Mondays. The trail is well-defined and is accessible to beginner hikers. The majority of the trail is in grassland and forests. On weekends you will be able to spend quality time with your family or friends at the top of the hill. If you’re feeling adventurous, head further on the left side of the rock arch until you get to the top of the hill.

What To Watch Out For

The Massive Arch

An naturally formed stone archway is the most striking feature of this hike. The arch can be seen only at the highest point. It’s about 100 feet in height. It also has the length of about 100 feet and a length of 50 feet. It is located in the Basaveshwara Temple is located within the arch.
The wind will be flowing through as you step inside the arch. The panorama from here is an amazing sight to behold.

Interesting Flora and Fauna on the Trek

There are many butterflies floating all around. Keep your eyes open for the large blue butterfly that is spotted there. It’s known as the Blue Mormon, one of the biggest butterflies found in India and also the State butterfly in Maharashtra. It is also possible to see orchids while on the hike.
Get up early in the day and you’ll be treated to the sounds of birdsong.

Trail Information

    Bheemana Kindi trek is divided into two sections.
  1. Kanchana Halli and the Arch
  2. Arch to the top

Section I: Base of Bheemana Kindi to Arch

  • Trek Distance: 1.5 km
  • Trek Duration: 1 hr
  • GPS coordinates for the Arch: 12deg 28′ 35.796″ N, 77deg 15′ 26.928″ E

From the Kanchana Halli, you get to the start of the trek via just a short stroll. This is a great to warm up before the hike. However, if you choose to use private vehicles to get to this village, then you could straight to the start point. The trek begins on the path that runs alongside Kanive Anjaneya temple. Kanive Anjaneya temple. The trail initially consists of stones steps. As you progress it becomes an amalgamation of stones steps and an muddy trail. It winds through branches, trees as well as tall grass.

Then you will come to Kalyani along the route. Make sure to take a gaze back and admire the views. You might come across parallel trails crisscrossing. If in doubt you can look for electric poles, and then walk along the route of electric poles. It will lead straight towards the Arch.

The arch is obscured from view until this particular spot after the Kalyani. This huge arch will amaze you once you are the top. There is the temple of Lord Basaveshwara beneath the arch. Pause and take a moment to soak in the view. If you begin at a good hour at dawn, you might be standing in the clouds. This is the most exciting part of the hike.

Section II: Arch to the Top

  • Trek Distance: 800 m
  • Time of Trek: 30 minutes

To get to the summit on the mountain, turn right from temple and go through the gap between the rocks. There’s a big boulder in front. You can climb over the boulder to locate the trail. The trail will get steeper. It is necessary to climb over a variety of boulders at various spots and it’s an adventure to find the path among these set of boulders. Follow the trail and you’ll be able to reach the summit within one hour.

The top of the mountain is a vast area is available to explore. It offers amazing views. It is also possible to observe Kabbaladurga from the high point. Be prepared to encounter elephant dung or other animal faeces in the path or near the highest point. There are signs of wildlife in the forest. Make sure to be aware while hiking. You can follow the same path to descend to the bottom. It will take about an hour to get back to the base.

Best Season To Do The Bheemana Kindi Trek

The ideal time to go on trekking is from the months of October through February. The weather is perfect to hike. Also, you can see colorful butterflies and flowers along the path. In the monsoon months the trails can be slippery. We recommend to stay clear of hiking during this monsoon period.
The summer time is not recommended due to the heat could make it difficult to enjoy the hike.

How To Reach Bheemana Kindi Trek

Bheemana Kindi trek begins from the small village of Kanchana Halli. Kanchana Halli is about 14km from Sathanur and 22km away from Channapatna.

You are able to reach Bheemana Kindi by your vehicle

If you’re planning on traveling by car from Bangalore You can follow this link to set your navigation in Google Maps.
There are two routes to get to Kanchanahalli by Mysore route and Kanakapura road.

via Mysore road The Bangalore-Mysore road from Bangalore. Get to Channapatna and turn left turn at Shahi circle on the road Channapatna Halaguru. After approximately 20.5 kilometers, turn turning left towards Guruvinapura(look for a high school to the left). Continue for approximately 300 meters until you reach Kanchana Halli.

Through Kanakapura road Begin by taking the highway between Bangalore and Kanakapura from Bangalore. You must cross Kanakapura and reach Sathanur. Turn right prior to the Sathanur bus stop along Kabbala road. Take a left at Kabbalu base. Stay along the road till you get to Kanchana Halli. Kanchana Halli is about 3 kilometers away from this point.

Reaching Bheemana Kindi by Public Transport System

Via Channapatna: Take a bus to Channapatna. From Channapatna then, take a bus to Halaguru. Alight at Guruvinapura. You can take an auto-rickshaw or walk to Kanchana Halli which is about 1.3 km away from highway.

via Sathanur Take the bus going from Bangalore through Kanakapura. Then, from the Kanakapura bus station, board an express bus to Sathanur. There is also the direct bus toward Malavalli for Sathanur. From Sathanur you can you can take an auto to Kanchana Halli.

Nearest Railway Station

Channapatna Railway station: 22 km

Nearest International and Domestic Airport

Bengaluru International Airport – 123 km away