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TrekUp India provides Indian vegetarian food. Your typical meal will consist of roti (Indian bread), sabzi (vegetable), dal (lentils) and rice. Add to it a sumptuous dessert. (Psst… Many of our trekkers tell us they want to trek again simply for the food we serve.)

We serve three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from that, you’ll get tea and snacks in the evening and a hot cup of soup before dinner. If you’re in for a long day of trekking, you’ll get a packed snack as well.

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Our menu is designed after elaborate research on nutritional requirements for trekkers. We take the exercise put in, the altitude gained and the weather you’ll face into consideration before putting each meal together. You’ll notice that every meal is nutritionally well-balanced with the right amount of carbs, protein, vitamins, fibre and calories.

we give 3 times meal a day - Breakfast , Lunch , Snacks , Dinner , Dessert!!

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Strarting with early mornings you will get you bed tea that is lemon tea in tent to start of your day after that before leaving the camp site or say before starting the day’s trek they will provide you tea/coffee with delicious hot breakfast like maggie, egg bhurji , omlet , upma etc. If your trek is for long duration they will provide you some local fruit like apple with energy bar and frootie or maza kind of drinks. Aftet that as soon as you finish your trek of the day or at next camp site you will get your lunch which will contain more or less local food items which is more delicious than your regular food after this in evening you eill get tea and hot breakfast at around 4.0 pm and in late evening before dinner you will be peovided hot soup and then dinner with sweets everyday. So you don't need to worry about food on trek you will enjoy it for sure.

Add to that the expertise of our cooks. They’ve all undergone intensive training to be where they are. The meals they dish out will have you licking your fingers! 

and sorry we cannot disclose our full food menu , ( just do trek with us and see what type of food we are serving, many of our trekkes treks with us again because of food served by us.




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